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Hey, I’m Dani.

I’m not new to this blogging game but this is my new look website! I started blogging in 2011 as Beauty Never Fades and then switched to Glamour Nazi and then The Glamour Nazi. You may also remember me from my brief stint writing for Beaut.ie. I’ve learned a lot in these four or five years of blogging which is why I believe The Rebel Lipstick is going to be the best incarnation yet!

My love for makeup began when I did a course in Make Up For Ever way back in 2010. I just wanted to learn how to do my own makeup but instantly fell in love with everything about it! I followed it up with an ITEC course in Facial Makeup in Portobello Institute and then spent a week in London at the Pixiwoo course run by sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman. I worked freelance for a while and then spent some time working at Inglot. Nowadays I don’t do too much makeup for work but it doesn’t mean I’m not still product obsessed! Hence why I blog – I can ramble about makeup for hours and surprisingly, people want to read it!

Working full time at something non-beauty related means that a lot of my spare time is taken up by blogging. If I do have time for anything else, I’m usually sipping (read: gulping) a glass of white wine or researching something to do with my wedding which is taking place in Las Vegas in June! I also write fiction in what’s left of my spare time and harbour dreams of being published one day.

If that isn’t enough drivel about me, why not stalk me on social media?

Email: therebellipstick@hotmail.com


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