Huda Beauty Lip Contour Set – Review, Photos, Swatches


If you haven’t heard of Huda Kattan and her makeup brand, Huda Beauty, you must be living under a serious beauty rock! Huda is a makeup artist and blogger based in Dubai who shot to fame on Instagram before releasing her own line. She claims that as a beauty influencer, she is very picky about the products she recommends and says that she brings that quality to her range, if it’s not exciting, she won’t produce it. She started with lashes but now Huda Beauty offer a range of lip products, false nails, tattoo transfers and of course, the infamous Rose Gold palette (which I will be reviewing soon).

Before I went to New York in November, I was making a preliminary wish list and was pretty sure that I saw on the Sephora website that Huda Beauty was only available online. However, when I was in the Sephora at Times Square, I spotted some Huda products at the end of a stand. There was no signage, they were randomly placed on some shelves but I took it as an opportunity to finally try the brand. I picked up the eyeshadow palette and this Huda Beauty Lip Contour Set.


The set includes a Lip Contour lip pencil and two mini Liquid Matte liquid lipsticks. I thought this was a good way to try both the pencils and lipsticks from the brand and it was good value for money too.


I picked up the Vixen & Famous set which includes the Lip Contour in Vixen, a Liquid Matte in Vixen and a Liquid Matte in Famous. There were several colourways available but I thought that these vampy shades were the ones that I would get the most use out of.


The Lip Contours are described as easy-glide contouring and filling pencils featuring intense colour payoff and a matte finish. They are standard pencils that you pare and the one that came in the kit was full size (1.2g).


The pencil is a softer formula, similiar to the Urban Decay liners if you are familiar with those as opposed to the hard formula of say the MAC ones. Because it is soft, it glides easily without pulling or tugging and feels comfortable and non-drying on the lips. They have great pigmentation and I would happily wear this alone with nothing on top.

Vixen is described as a poisonous deep brown and is a warm, red-toned brown on the lips. It is available separately and there are eight other colours in the range which retail for $19 each.


The Liquid Mattes are described as highly comfortable, long wear liquid lipsticks that dry matte with intense colour payoff and transfer-proof properties. The full size liquid lipsticks hold 5ml of product while this set included two minis of 1.8ml each.


In Liquid Matte form, Vixen is a little lighter than the Lip Contour in the same shade and a little less red although it is still very warm.


I know brown lipsticks aren’t for everyone but because of the red tones, I find this quite flattering and easy to wear, much like a standard dark red.


In this photo, I layered both the Lip Contour and Liquid Matte in Vixen. Together, the colour is much more even, opaque and absolutely stunning. I’m glad I picked up this Lip Set as this is probably not a colour I would have gravitated towards by itself.


The other Liquid Matte in the set is Famous which is described as an effortlessly chic burgundy and the type of colour I always seem to fall for.


On the lips, this actually comes out a lot lighter than you would expect, more like a raspberry red but still a gorgeous colour! The Liquid Mattes are quite a thin, viscous formula – much like my favourite Lime Crime Velvetines – which I love but because of that, they can take a little work in order to get them fully even which I think shows in this photo.


I adore a deep red and this is no exception. Although it is darker than your average red, that raspberry tone still shines through which I think is absolutely beautiful and unlike any of the other many burgundies I own!


The Lip Contour in Vixen layered with the Liquid Matte in Famous makes Famous so much more opaque and a little darker and richer. Together, they are gorgeous!


The Lip Contour Set included a little diagram on how to contour your lips which I accidentally disposed of so I decided to just contour my lips with all three products my own way. I outlined them with the Lip Contour pencil, then applied Famous Liquid Matte all over, before darkening the edges with the Vixen Liquid Matte. This proves all three products work beautifully together, even if it is a little extra for every day wear.

The Liquid Mattes take quite a while to dry down and it is important not to rub your lips together while they’re drying or else you risk lifting some of the colour away and being left with patchy, uneven lipstick. Once it eventually does dry down, it feels incredibly comfortable on the lips. When you rub your lips together, you can feel a slight tackiness but when you touch your lips with your finger, it actually feels like there is nothing there at all. Throughout the day, my lips feel slightly dry but these are definitely one of the better liquid lipsticks I’ve tried in terms of hydration! Both Vixen and Famous are available individually alongside fourteen other shades which retail for $20 each.

Overall I am so happy to have picked up this set and finally getting around to see what all the fuss is about. These are products that are definitely worth the hype and I don’t have a bad word to say about them.

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The market is getting so saturated with liquid lipstick offerings at the moment so while I do adore these, I can’t promise that I will buy more in future because there just seems to be so many others to try! There are so many great quality offerings out there and they’re all roughly the same price so I honestly think all future purchases will just depend on my colour preferences!

The Huda Beauty Lip Contour Sets are exclusive to Sephora and this colourway doesn’t seem to be available any more. However, as I mentioned, all of the products are sold separately and available from Sephora, Cult Beauty or directly from Huda’s own website.

Have you tried anything from the brand yet?
Are you sick of liquid lipsticks yet?

Disclaimer: No PR samples were featured. No affiliate links were used.


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