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Three New-To-Me Face Masks – Elizavecca, Sanctuary, L’Oreal – Reviews, Photos, Comparisons


I love a good face mask and I’m not too fussy. I like deep cleaning ones that clear out my pores, I like hydrating ones that my skin can drink up. I like those ones you can pick up in supermarkets for about a euro but I’ve also tried the GlamGlow ones and greatly enjoyed the YouthMud (but hated the SuperMud). So three new face masks have made it into my stash lately and I thought rather than reviewing each separately, I would collate them in this post so that if one doesn’t sound like your jam, another may appeal to you. These aren’t similar masks with similar promises, they are only united by the fact that they all came into my possession at roughly the same time.


First up is the L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask. There was a bit of a buzz in the beauty world when L’Oreal branched into face masks last year and I was really eager to try them, particularly when I saw their friendly price tag. However with a trip to New York in November and Christmas quickly approaching after that, I just never got around to picking one up. So imagine my happiness when I unwrapped this on Christmas morning in a hamper from my sister. There are three masks in the line but this Detox Mask is actually the one I would have chosen for myself anyway.


This comes in a square glass jar which I think feels quite weighty and luxe. Not bad for a drugstore brand skin care item. Obviously you don’t want to drop this on a tiled floor but so far so good for me.


Inside, the mask is a thick grey formula. The website informs me that this is a blend of three clays; kaolin to absorb impurities and excess sebum, montmorillonite which is rich in minerals and said to eliminate imperfections, and ghassoul which is said to help clarify the complexion.

This is simple to use; apply it all over, wait for it to dry (they recommend 10 minutes but I just leave it on until it is fully dry and hard) and then wash it off. I use a wet flannel to remove it as I find clay masks quite difficult to get off otherwise. It has a light pleasant floral scent.


This mask gets tight and dries down from its dark grey colour to a lighter white-grey and when it is ready to be removed, you can see where all of the gunk has been pulled out of your blackheads. If you’re gross like me, you will absolutely love it. I like to see a skin care product do its job and this doesn’t disappoint.

This mask is easily my favourite of the three and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. L’Oreal claim that after one use your skin can breathe and looks instantly transformed while after a week of use, skin should feel fresher and look more luminous. I definitely do not use this mask daily as I think clay masks can be quite harsh. Instead I use it about once a week and I can definitely see an immediate improvement in my skin afterwards. My skin is cleaner with no clogged pores and it still feels fresh and luminous, but not stripped or dry.

This is available in Boots where it retails for €11.49 (but is often on promotion for €8.49).


The next mask I’ve been trialling is the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. I worked in Boots for a short period last year but during my stint there, this is a product that caught my eye. It was quite popular and I often had chats with customers about it on the till and people raved about it. I loved the idea of a warming mask but it was just one of those things I never got around to buying myself. Then at Christmas I received not one but TWO Sanctuary Spa gift sets (both the same one!) and finally got a chance to give this mask a go.

The gift sets I got included these single use sachets of mask which I know a lot of people will detest but the mask is also available in a full size squeezy tube. The sachets are also available to buy which I think is handy for trying out or for those with sensitive skin who react to a lot of products and would rather not invest in a full size. I should point out that I actually got about three applications from one sachet!

Like the L’Oreal mask, this is also a dark grey colour but it has a much thicker, more gel like consistency. In fact, it feels more like a thick honey or something. The website informs me that this contains a fresh blend of essential oils and skin-loving natural ingredients. This is said to purify skin without drying it out. It self heats to open pores and then the charcoal and kaolin clay draw out the impurities. It also contains myrrh essential oils to soothe and calm the skin.


While you apply the mask to the skin, it heats up and I really liked the warming sensation. However, once you take your fingers away, it cools straight back down again. I thought the warmth would be something I would feel while I wore the mask but it disappeared immediately after application which was disappointing.

The mask doesn’t dry down or harden at all. It just stays in that strange thick honey consistency for the five minutes you wear this for. Then because it is so thick, I found it quite hard to remove and really had to scrub with a wet flannel to take it off.

To be honest, I didn’t feel any effects on my skin after use. My skin didn’t feel dried out or stripped but it also didn’t feel any more hydrated than it was before. I honestly couldn’t tell a difference. This just did nothing for me.

The sachets of 15ml retail for €3.99 while the full size 100ml tube costs €13.99 (But is often on offer for €10.49) . Both are available from Boots.


The final mask I have to talk about today is one I’m sure you’ve heard of, the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. Perhaps the name isn’t familiar but it is the one you will have seen all over YouTube that bubbles on your face. Beauty bloggers were ordering this Asian skin care product from different websites but I actually spotted it in TK Maxx and my curiosity got the better of me so I just had to pick it up.


The packaging is cute with the little pig wearing a face mask but it is actually just a simple plastic pot.


Inside there is a little shovel to pop it on your face but I honestly think it is way too small and would be far too time consuming to use. The mask starts to bubble quite quickly so the goal is to get it on your face as fast as possible. I have completely ignored the spoon for that reason.


The consistency is a really strange porous grey jelly. There are no English instructions on this so I had to do some research to find out its claims. It is said to contain charcoal powder, green tea and pomegranate, and to cleanse, exfoliate and unclog pores. It is supposed to slough off dead skin cells as it bubbles as well as lifting pore-clogging dirt and sebum. It also claims to contain powerful nutrients to replenish and soften the skin, smoothing it for a youthful glow.


I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really care about what it was supposed to do. I just wanted to see it bubble on my face. It starts to work almost as soon as you apply it and it is hilarious watching it foam and get thicker on the face. It tingles and fizzes on the skin and makes a sort of Rice Krispies type sound. After ten minutes when it is fully carbonated, you rub it into the skin and wash it off. This was the easiest of all three to remove.

However, afterwards my skin was so sore and dry. I don’t suffer from dry skin but all around my nose was red, crusty and painful. It really stripped my skin so much. Because of that, I will most definitely not be using it again. As I said, I’ve seen a tonne of people talking about this product and have heard of nobody else having this reaction so it could just have been me.

If you are interested in it, TK Maxx are selling a heap of Korean skin care at the minute so you could get lucky like me (I paid €13.99 I think) or else I think you’ll have to do a bit of internet research to figure out where is the best place to buy it.

Overall the L’Oreal mask is definitely my pick of the pack and I am definitely intrigued to try the others in the range. The other two were very disappointing in my opinion but it could just be how my skin reacted.

Have you tried any of these face masks?
What’s your current go to?

Disclaimer: No PR samples were featured. No affiliate links were used.


7 thoughts on “Three New-To-Me Face Masks – Elizavecca, Sanctuary, L’Oreal – Reviews, Photos, Comparisons

  1. Bought the L’Oreal one on your recommendation – I actually bought it for Tom (believe it or not, he asked me for a clay mask!), but we both loved it! I thought it would be waaay too harsh for my dry skin but it’s perfect once I don’t use it too often. Both of us were fascinated with the gunk that came out haha.. Instant results though!


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