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Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette; Solstice – Review, Photos, Swatches


The Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlighting Palette has been making quiet ripples through the beauty community for quite some time. I feel like it is a well kept secret that occasionally bobs to the surface but is pushed back down again before ever achieving the renowned cult status it deserves. If you are all about strobing, wet-look skin, that be-seen-from-space highlighting trend that is still sweeping Instagram (do you follow me?), you need this palette in your life. Simple as.


Sleek Makeup are probably most known for their €9.99 iDivine eyeshadow palettes that offer a wide range of colourways and great pigmentation. When I first bought the Solstice Highlighting Palette, I was surprised to find that once I took it out of its modest black box, the palette inside was a gorgeous gold. It is high shine, sleek (yeah, sorry) and stylish. This does not look like something from a drugstore brand. Okay it hasn’t got the weightiness of something from say Chanel or Guerlain but it is still an attractive dressing table piece. It is sturdy and while it doesn’t click closed, the hinges are secure and there is no fear of this swinging open in your bag. Of course, the one downside to this casing is its talent for picking up fingerprints – as this photograph so beautifully demonstrates.


Inside this pocket sized palette are four colours, a small brush and a decent enough sized mirror. To be honest, the mirror is a better size for doing eye looks than cheeks but it is definitely suitable if you’re in a pinch. I did try the brush but I wasn’t a fan.


The palette that I heard the most ado about was the Solstice one so that was the one I purchased although there are three other colourways available. The palette contains three powder highlighters and one cream. Even looking at the pans and seeing that gorgeous marbled effect in the pink and orange shades seriously floored me. This looks so incredible for the pricepoint.


While the shades look a little intimidating in the pan, their colour is subtle and isn’t quite so striking on the skin. However I definitely do notice a difference between them when I wear them.


I am not usually a fan of cream highlighters, finding that they can disturb the foundation and concealer underneath or be tricky to use with powder. I had no such problem when trying out Ecliptic from this palette. It glided on to the skin easily without looking heavy or cakey. It didn’t move the products that were underneath and I had no problem with powder catching on it. It was actually a dream to use – which seriously shocked me – as I had avoided it for a long time after buying the palette, preferring the ease of the powder shades instead. The colour is a soft champagne that works even on my pale skin.

It is definitely the most subtle of all four colours in the palette and while I like it, it doesn’t have my heart the way the others do. However, funnily enough, I could imagine a lot of people calling this their favourite for its subtle, natural yet still gorgeous ways.


Here I am wearing the shade Subsolar which is the one that looks yellow in the pan. This is my favourite go-with-anything shade as it appears simply like a high shine on the skin without leaning towards any colour in particular. I don’t think this photograph even does it justice – this is really reflective! I have it along my cheekbone and on the tip of my nose here and you can see that even though it shines, it isn’t unnatural looking at all.


In this photograph I am wearing Hemisphere which is the most unusual in the quad, the one that is pink in the pan. When you take a proper look at the picture, I think you can see the pink leanings although obviously the pigmentation isn’t enough to make this a blush by any means. I think this is the most unique in the palette and I also believe it is the one with the highest shine. It looks stunning with cool-toned looks or paired with pink blushes in particular.


Finally this is Equinox which is the one that appears orange in the pan. I shied away from this one for the longest time as I thought it may be too dark for my pale complexion. Because my hair was red, I was opting for a lot of warm bronzers and peachy blushes so I found Equinox to be the perfect accompaniment. It isn’t too orangey on the skin, only leaning slightly gold, and is absolutely stunning. Most days if I am wearing something warm-toned on the cheeks I will wear this or a mix of this and Subsolar, the yellow.

All in all, this palette is gorgeous and while I definitely don’t get as much wear from the cream shade, Ecliptic, I reach for one or several of the powders almost every single day. The only exception are the days I am still reaching for the Mac Nutcracker Sweet Peach Face Palette but as that was limited edition and no longer available, I urge you to try for the Solstice palette instead. I will definitely be throwing my eye on the other colourways in the range to see if they can come close to this one.

This retails for €12.49 from the Sleek Makeup website (with €5.59 shipping) or alternatively you can pick it up at Boots for €14.49 or Superdrug for £9.99 (I’m not sure of the Euro price).

Are you still a fan of the mega highlighting trend?
Will you be trying this out?

Disclaimer: No PR samples were featured. No affiliate links were used.


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