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L.O.V. – An Introduction

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I was sent a little goodie bag full of L.O.V products before Christmas and I had never even heard of the  brand before. The PR company referred to them as “Ireland’s newest cosmetic brand” and a little research taught me that they are from the house of Cosnova – the same company who bring us Essence and Catrice. If Essence are aimed at teens and Catrice are a little more grown up, L.O.V seems to me more mature again. The gorgeous packaging reminds me of higher end brands like Chanel.

The brand claim to be all about modern feminity and say that they offer prestige in the high-end mass market. They claim to offer the quality and design of a premium brand combined with availability in selected stockists at an attractive price.

Regardless of price range, where they come from or if I have ever heard of the brand, the only way for me to review products is by getting them on my face so as soon as this package came through my door, I dove straight in.


So, in order of how I apply my makeup, the first product I tried out was this L.O.V LOVtime 18H Long Lasting Foundation (€12.95).This has an oil free formula and claims to be enriched with hyaluronic filling spheres for smooth, matte results. It boasts an SPF20 and says it is non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog pores). The press release claims this has a medium to high coverage and lasts up to eighteen hours. It is available in six shades.


I  was sent the shade 030 Rosy Touch (the third lightest) and it is far too dark for me. It actually didn’t even photograph that dark but it looked hilarious in person. It applied very easily and I was really impressed with the coverage. It dried down to a velvety matte finish as promised and looked pretty flawless on the skin, even without concealer. However, because the colour was so incredibly wrong for me, this isn’t one that I could test out properly. There was no way I could wear this out and about for a whole day to see how it performed. First impressions were good but I’ll definitely have to keep my eye out for a lighter shade so I can report back properly.

L.O.V also do a serum foundation (€14.95) that claims to improve moisture content and elasticity of the skin, a 12 hour moisturising foundation (€11.95) said to offer a naked skin feeling, and a powder foundation (€11.95) with buildable coverage.


The other skin product I received was the L.O.V PERFECTitude Translucent Loose Powder (€12.95). I haven’t tried a loose powder in a long time and the ones I have tried have been really inexpensive ones that end up looking chalky and dry on the skin. After using pressed powder for so long, I was actually excited to try this, especially with the resurgence in the popularity of loose powders lately, with techniques like baking becoming mainstream.


The powder has a regular twist off lid which then reveals a powder puff and a second lid that lifts up to reveal the powder. I love the thought that has gone into this packaging as it is very secure and really keeps mess to a minimum. One of the main reasons I usually choose pressed over loose powders is because loose are messier but I have been bringing this with me in my makeup bag with complete confidence.

L.O.V claim that this powder is airy and lightweight for instant perfection and long durability. It is enriched with porcelain flower (never heard of it) and comes in a universal colour that becomes transparent upon application.


The sifter in the packaging has very fine holes in it and at first i found it frustrating because when I tried to shake it, very little powder would come through. Then I realised that the sifter is actually made of a moveable mesh so you can push your brush into it and it moves allowing powder to come through on to the brush.

Because it isn’t white like most translucent powders, I worried that it would darken my foundation underneath but it lives up to its word and goes on completely colourless.


Here I have the powder on over the LOVtime Foundation. It lives up to its lightweight claims and is beautiful on the skin. It has a really delicate scent to it that I think is vanilla which makes it even more pleasant to use. I am terrible for using a lot of powder but regardless of how much I use of this, it never gets cakey or dry looking.

The one area this powder falls down in is longevity. Don’t get me wrong, the wear time isn’t bad but because it is so lightweight, I find that I do get shiny throughout the day. As I mentioned, I have no issues travelling with this and it can be used for top ups without it caking so I can overlook the fact that it isn’t as heavy duty as some of the other powders I have been reaching for lately. Out of everything I received from the brand, this is my favourite and I definitely recommend trying it out for yourself.

L.O.V also do a translucent compact powder (€11.95) with all the same promises.

In the skin category, they offer a range of concealers – a pen (€9.95), a four-shade palette (€13.95) and a serum concealer (€11.95). They do two primers – a serum (€12.95) and a mattifier (€11.95). There are also six blush colours (€7.95) and two shades of bronzer (€9.95), as well as a three shade face contouring palette (€12.95).


For eyes, I was sent two of the L.O.V Unexpected Eyeshadows (€6.95 each). I love the rounded packaging on these compacts as it makes them look high end despite their low price point.


The compacts are secure and click-closed – in fact, I found them a little tricky to open. Inside they each have their own mirror and a small sponge tip applicator. I hate those applicators with all of my being but for travel, some people may find them handy.


The first colour I received was 110 Sun Eclipse which is a matte bone colour. We have to take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous design of the shadow itself. It looks far from that of a budget brand.


Here I have the shadow all over the lid. It applied beautifully and had a gorgeous velvety texture. Obviously because of the colour itself, it is hard to see on the skin but it is a perfect base shade.


The other colour I received was 230 Faraway which is a pearly eyeshadow. This one is absolutely stunning. It looks like a warm matte cream illuminated with gold shimmer.

It is subtle on the eye but when the light hits, it is absolutely gorgeous. Again, this was easy to apply although this one did have a quite a lot of fall out.

I got on well with both shadows but because they were both quite light colours, it is really hard to talk about pigmentation and wear time. I definitely want to try more of the L.O.V shadows in future to really test their performance. There are six matte, six pearly and six metallic shades in the range.

L.O.V also offer iridescent shadows for layering (€9.95), six shades of stylo shadows (€11.95) and three colourways of eyeshadow palette (€15.95).


I was also sent the L.O.V LASHaffair Curling Bold Lashes Mascara (€11.95). It claims to help achieve a flirty look with curl, definition and volume. The curl is said to last up to eight hours.


The wand is pretty unique. It is said to have a special curved fiber brush for perfectly curled lashes without the need for a lash curler.

The mascara only comes in one shade, 110 Blind Date.


Despite its odd shape, I didn’t find the wand terribly hard to use – although I did obviously blob the mascara on my lid at one stage. While the mascara is very black and I can definitely see where it added length, I don’t think the curling effect is that obvious.

I love a bold, dramatic mascara that gives me crazy length and volume so this mascara didn’t blow my mind. However, I did find it decent enough and it doesn’t flake, run or smudge throughout the day. While this didn’t tick all of my boxes, it’s not a bad mascara and I would be interested to try some of the other mascara offerings from L.O.V in future.

L.O.V also offer a dramatic volume mascara (€9.95), a 24h wear mascara (€6.95), a lengthening bold mascara (€11.95),  a fan effect mascara (€10.95) and a strengthening, volumising mascara (€13.95).

Also for eyes, they do a liquid liner (€6.95), a dip liner (€5.95), three liner pens (€7.95 – €8.95), a kohl pencil (€4.95), two eye pencils (€7.95) and an eyeshadow primer (€8.95).

There are also brow products – an eyebrow designer (€6.95), a gel serum (€7.95) and a palette (€12.95).


For lips, I received the L.O.V LIPaffair Color & Care Lipstick (€11.95.) Firstly, bow down to the packaging. It is a weighty bullet that has those rounded edges that carry across a lot of the brand’s products. It also has a very satisfying magnetic lid that clicks closed in a way that gives me goosebumps. This packaging is incredibly impressive for the price tag.


Even the lipstick itself has the brand name engraved into it. I received the shade 570 Saneia’s Fuschia which has a matte finish.


The lipstick took two to three layers before it was fully opaque and the colour is a gorgeous hot pink. While it claims to be matte, I found it to be more of a satin than a true matte. However it is very comfortable on the lips and still has a decent wear time. If it was a true matte, it may have lasted longer but the wear time was still alright and it reapplies nicely too.


With my red hair, I don’t think I can really pull off these bright pinks but it is a beaut and I would definitely be interested in trying more shades in future. There are thirteen semi-mattes and three mattes in the range.

L.O.V do another lipstick range (€9.95) which are said to offer natural coverage and soft shine.


I also received the L.O.V LOVlicious Caring Volume Gloss (€6.95). This is said to unite expressive colours with a shiny finish. It is enriched with Tsubaki oil and vitamin E which claim to help achieve pampered looking lips.


The wand is angled a little more than your average doe-foot but is still easy enough to use. The fine tip is great for achieving precise edges.


The colour I received is 150 Toxic Flame which looks almost like a bright red in the tube but is a dark red-pink on the lips. This has impressive pigmentation for a gloss but is still not fully opaque, it is more semi-sheer.


I am quite vocal about not being a fan of lip gloss but this is one of the better ones. It has a non-sticky formula that is a little bit thick and feels very comfortable on the lips. It feels more like a thick lip balm than a lip gloss.

There are ten shades in the range but most seem to be quite bright or dark colours. I am more a fan of clear glosses or those with a slight hint of colour so that I can wear them over liners or lipsticks. I would never opt for a coloured gloss to wear alone but if you are a fan, I think this is a great option at a great price.

For lips, L.O.V also offer lip pencils (€6.95), lip balms (€8.95 – €9.95) and lip treatment oil (€9.95).


The final product I received was this L.O.V LOVinity Long Lasting Nail Lacquer (€5.95). Again the packaging has those rounded edges and it definitely looks more high end than its price tag.


The lid is an unusual shape so I was impressed to find that it popped off to reveal a small cap on the brush which is far easier to hold. The brush is one of those flatter thicker ones which I prefer.


The color I received is 270 Subtle Shadow which is a deep grey shot through with red shimmer. I fell for it the second I saw it as it is so unusual but sadly the red shimmer wasn’t too apparent on the nails. If I held my nails right up to the light I could see it but other than that, it just looked like a solid grey. I love a grey polish so this is one I will still wear often. It was fully opaque and very glossy in two coats. The wear time wasn’t particularly impressive but I am very hard on my nails so very few polishes last on me more than a few days.

There are twenty four shades in the range with lots of bright reds and fuschias as well as vampy dark berries and browns so this is a selection of polishes I will definitely keep my eye out for in future.

L.O.V also do a base coat (€6.95), sheer shades ideal for French manicures (€6.50), a gel top coat (€5.95), a quick dry top coat (€5.95), nail and cuticle serum (€8,95), nail and cuticle oil (€8.95) and a cuticle treatment (€9.95).

Overall I found the range interesting but wasn’t particularly blown away. I think the problem actually came down to a lot of the shades I was sent. If that lipstick was more of a red or berry, the lip gloss was a more natural sheer one, the eyeshadows were darker and the foundation  matched me, my results could have been completely different. The way it stands I found it hard to judge the eyeshadows and foundation, and while I liked the formulas of the lip products, I didn’t fall in love with them because they’re just not my types of shades. This experience has definitely opened my eyes to the brand though. I adore the packaging and there wasn’t a straight up dud product throughout. The prices aren’t to be sniffed at either.

If you want to try something from the brand but don’t know where to start, I’d urge you to try the loose powder which I love or the nail varnish which was also beautiful. I can’t wait to get to my closest stockist and have a good swatch to find shades I DO fall for. I will, of course, keep you updated.

L.O.V is available in Shaws department stores and selected pharmacies across Ireland including McCauley’s, Lloyds, Adrian Dunne, CH Tralee, McGorisks, Cara, Health Express and Wards Longford.

Is this your first time hearing of L.O.V?
What would you want to try first?

Disclaimer: All of these products were sent to me as PR samples. I was under no obligation to post about them on my blog or to give a positive review. This is not a sponsored post. No affiliate links were used.


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