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Essence Trend Edition: “We Are…” for Valentine’s Day 2017


It seems to me like Christmas was yesterday so it seems absolutely bonkers to be discussing Valentine’s Day but with a product release that is so cute, how could I resist?! Perhaps you remember last year when Essence’s Valentine’s release was a tribute to friendships over relationships. While I loved that idea, I can’t deny that this collection is just as adorable yet in a completely different way. This year’s Trend Edition is called “We Are…” and each of the products is named after a different relationship description. If you are completely anti-Valentine’s and have already reached for the gag bucket, I’ll stop with the lovey stuff now but I urge you to continue reading as the products are worth your while sticking around for!


First up is the Essence We Are…Amazing Creamy Eyeshadow Pen (€3.50). Essence seem to be releasing these shadow sticks with almost every collection lately and every time I hear myself reiterate that I’m just not a fan of these types of pencils. However, if you are, this is creamy, easy to blend and longwearing so I definitely recommend giving them a look, particularly for the price.


It is available in two shades and I was sent 01 Be My Highlight! which is described as a light pink. It is an iridescent creamy white shade that doesn’t show up that well on my fair skin but would look beautiful to illuminate anyone darker than me. This is very subtle as a lid colour but is reflective enough to make a stunning highlight on the inner corner or under the brow. The other shade available is a grey.


Also for eyes I was sent the Essence We Are…Crazy False Lashes & 3D Rhinestones Set (€4.10). They are only available in one style, 01 I’m Crazy Like You. Now I have gotten on terribly with some of the Essence false lashes in the past but I cannot express to you how much I have fallen for these ones.


First of all, they have an invisible lash band and are incredibly lightweight making these some amazingly comfortable to wear lashes. In fact, I forgot I was wearing them! They are also flirty and subtle in design. I’m obsessed and will wear these until they fall apart. I’m not crazy about the mini tube of glue that comes with them as it isn’t very strong but I find that with a lot of those glues that come with lashes.

Also, the rhinestones that come with them are designed to be stuck on to the lashes wherever you see fit but I find that a little cheesy so I decided to stick them on my face instead and added a mini heart under my eye as you can see in the photo. They are so incredibly tiny that it was a very frustrating process that saw me drop mini rhinestones everywhere as well as spill the lash glue all over my bedroom floor. I’d buy the lashes but lose the rhinestones. I was going to recommend using them for nail art instead but only if you have a magnifying glass and the patience of a saint.


For lips I received the Essence We Are…Flawless Contouring Lipliner (€1.90) which is a retractable lip pencil that twirls both up and down. This is important because there is nothing worse than twisting up a pencil too far only to find that it doesn’t twist back down. I’ve been infatuated with the regular Essence lip pencils for a long time so was excited to give this a go. I wasn’t disappointed.


There are three shades available, of which I was sent 03 We ❤ Berry. It is a gorgeous red-toned berry shade that is really flattering against my fair skin. The formula is creamy and very opaque and application was a dream. Honestly, Essence lip pencils are some of my favourites and this is no exception. The others in the range are a pink and a red so all are very Valentine’s appropriate.


I was also sent this Essence We Are…Fabulous Velvet Matt Lipstick (€3.10) and even if you can get over those little hand drawn hearts on the lid, you will never recover from the cuteness of that heart-shaped bullet. I’m not lying when I say a little noise escaped from my mouth when I opened this, and I’m pretty sure only dolphins could hear it. My own heart broke in two with pure adorableness (Totally a thing…).


The three shades of the lipstick available correspond with the three shades of lipliner and again I was sent the shade 03 We ❤ Berry. This is much lighter in colour than the liner and leans almost mauve but is another stunner. The difficulty did lie in actually applying the lipstick from a heart shaped bullet but I somehow managed a  not-too-shabby job. The finish is sort of like a satin matte but feels very hydrating and comfortable on the lips. I’m a long term fan of Essence lipsticks too so there was no surprise there.


Here are the lipliner and lipstick layered together to create a gorgeous berry lip – it may seem more Autumn appropriate but I think it is romantic and ideal for Valentine’s.


Here is a collage so you can compare the shades of the liner and lipstick as well as them both layered together.


Also in the collection is this Essence We Are…In Love Nail Polish (€2.50). It comes in three shades, all promising a high shine finish. This isn’t part of their gel nail polish range (which is my favourite) but they are cheap, cheerful polishes that mean you can collect an array of colours for less than a price of a cup of coffee!


Of the three, I was sent 03 I ❤ You Berry Much, in keeping with the theme, and it is a stunning vampy berry that is totally up my street. It was opaque in one coat but I decided to show you a second too for comparison’s sake. The wear time on this wasn’t great (I am terribly hard on my nails which may have contributed) but as I said, for the price you pay, you probably won’t mind switching it out for another in the collection. The other two released for Valentine’s day are a light grey and a hot pink.


I was also sent the Essence We Are…Lovely Eau de Toilette (€3.80). It is only available in one scent which is called 01 You’re The Ooohh to my Lala (whatever that means). They describe this as an exciting and fresh fragrance with fruity top notes of cranberry, wild strawberry and nashi pear. The heart is comprised of exotic flowery notes; lily of the valley, hisibscus and forget-me-nots as well as coconut. Finally it dries down to a sweet, spicy base of sandalwood, ground almonds, candied sugar and musk.

When you first spray this, the intense sweet strawberry hits you in the face and I immediately categorised this as not-for-me. However, once it dries down, while still sweet, it is a lot more wearable. This will never replace a favourite perfume for me but is the type of thing that is handy to have in your bag for a quick refresh on the go.


The final item I was sent was this cute Essence We Are…Funny Lip Bag (€3.80), available in one shade they call 01 I’m Not ME without YOU! The name is obvious literal as it is shaped like a mouth but it is also the ideal size for popping a lipstick and liner in. You won’t fit all of your makeup in here but the small size makes it perfect for stowing in smaller handbags.

Other items in this collection but which I don’t have to show you are a waterproof liquid liner (€3.50 – although hopefully your Valentine isn’t making you cry), and an incredibly sweet pink-coral blush (€4.10) that I have seen over on MakeupMonster‘s blog and just makes me SQUEE!

While Essence may be aimed at teens and this might seem a little too cheesy for you, I definitely urge you to check out the lip products. The quality for the price is incredible and that colour is stunning! They are definitely my picks of the collection.


Here is a full face photo of the liner, lipstick, eyeshadow pencil, lashes and rhinestones – perfect for Valentine’s Day. The Essence “We Are…” Trend Edition is on stands from now until mid-February.

So tell me, is this collection a little romantic for you?
Or did you fall for anything in it?

Disclaimer: I was sent all of the products featured in this post to try but was under no obligation to feature them on my blog. I received no payment for this, it is not a sponsored post and there were no affiliate links used.


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      1. I totally agree. I say them reveal new metallic lipsticks on their instagram story and now I’m running to my store every few days to see if they are in they look so amazing!


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