White Glo Bright Nights Dissolving Whitening Films – Review, Photos


Before I get started I feel I need to point out that this is not a press sample. This is not a sponsored post. This is not anything of the kind. So many bloggers and influencers seem to be affiliated with teeth whitening companies lately but I am not. I actually received these in my Christmas stocking as Santa knows I have an interest in whitening my teeth.

I hated my teeth for my whole life but a few years ago I got adult braces and since then I am obsessed with smiling. I smile in photographs now, something that I never would have done before. So before I got married in June, I went and got my teeth professionally whitened as I knew I would be smiling a lot. It definitely made a difference but I’m a coffee addict and over the festive season I indulged in a lot of mulled wine so my teeth are back to their original stained selves. Don’t get me wrong, I know they’re not yellow or brown but there is definitely room for improvement. So when I got these White Glo Bright Nights Dissolving Whitening Films for Christmas, I couldn’t wait to try them out straight away.


The fun holographic box contains six teeth whitening strips which are individually wrapped. The box is a little big considering what is inside but the individual packets are handy for popping in your handbag or makeup bag on your way out the door.

The idea behind these teeth whitening films is that they can be used on the go to instantly whiten your teeth before an occasion. They claim to give a whitening “top up” by up to one shade or more.


Out of the packet, they are just strips of film. There is one per packet and the box told me that it is best to use it on your upper teeth as they are the ones that are seen when you smile. The strip is thick enough that I managed to place it over both my top and bottom teeth although obviously it only reaches the teeth at the front and doesn’t wrap all the way around to the back.

The instructions are simple. You lick your teeth so that they are wet and then pop this strip on top. It dissolves in your mouth. They do warn that you need to rinse out your mouth before eating or drinking though as it shouldn’t be swallowed. I always get overly fearful of things I need to put in my mouth that I shouldn’t ingest like I might accidentally inhale it whole and die of poisoning. Slightly melodramatic…

It has a light minty taste which is pleasant although having something stuck to the front of your teeth is a very unusual feeling and I found myself varying between having my lips open (like in that game everybody was playing over Christmas with the mouth guard) or closing it and having the inside of my lips sticking to the strip uncomfortably. It dissolved within minutes and then I rinsed my mouth out thoroughly in the bathroom.


Now my camera does this thing where some of my photographs come out really warm while others look really cool and being an absolute camera noob I don’t know how to change it and never realise until I upload my photos to my laptop. However, this is a photo taken immediately before applying the strip and then immediately after rinsing my mouth and I think there is a big difference. It is hard to tell because of the difference in the warmth of the photos and it looks like I’m trying to fool you with lighting but I can promise you I’m not. If you look at the front tooth on the right, you can see in the before picture that it is yellower towards the gum and then has a sort of gradient into white – the same for the tooth to the right of it. But in the after photo, they are much improved.

I could definitely see an instant result after using these strips and so could my friends and family when I asked them. Now, don’t get me wrong, they promise up to a shade or more so you’re not going to walk into a room and blind people. People won’t stop you on the street to ask if your teeth are real. You will not be mistaken for Jimmy Carr. However they do exactly as they promise and lift teeth enough that you will notice the difference yourself. They do claim that you can use multiple strips if you want to go whiter.

White Glo claim that the strips contain professional whitening ingredients and work by being absorbed by your teeth enamel to turn yellowing and discolouration into oxygen particles. They also claim that they are very safe. Something that I was worried about (other than swallowing one and dying) was that my teeth would be left very sensitive afterwards as whitening has a tendency to do but I honestly forgot I had ever used one. I didn’t feel a single twinge of pain or discomfort. It was as if I hadn’t used them at all.

I used a film before heading to a party after Christmas which is when I took these photographs and I was really happy with the results. However the following day I had a killer hangover and by the day after that I had completely forgotten all about these strips so I can’t attest to how long they actually keep your teeth white for. They are marketed for use before a big event though so I doubt that the results last much longer than a day. However, if you are heading to a party, wedding etc. I think these are brilliant!

I can’t see myself rushing out to stock up on these so I always have one to hand but they are definitely something I would use again if there was a certain big event coming up. If you’re interested in teeth whitening, these are definitely a great place to start.

A 6 pack of films will set you back €7.50 at Penneys or £4.99 at Superdrug (I can’t find a euro price for them online.)

Are you interested in teeth whitening?
Have you ever tried any product like this before?

Disclaimer: No PR samples were featured. No affiliate links were used. It was just a gift from Santa!


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