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Buxom: An Introduction – Photos, Swatches, Review


When I was in New York in November, I traded in my accumulated Sephora points for this Buxom Sexy Little Habits kit. I had never tried anything from Buxom but was familiar with the brand from watching US YouTubers. I had heard great things, particularly about their lip products, so I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.


Obviously this kit is not available to purchase but the four products featured in it are permanent products so it was a great little taster to start me off with the brand.


The first thing in the set is a mini Buxom Eyeshadow Bar and I will not ever be able to express in words or photographs just how tiny this eyeshadow is. It is difficult to open the little compact – it is just so small!


The eyeshadow inside is called Mink Magnet which is a permanent shade described as a metallic bronze. I usually worry about golds and bronzes looking brassy against my pale skin but this one doesn’t pull yellow or orange at all.


While the pigmentation of the shadow is brilliant, the colour isn’t bold. On my skin, it translates to a very subtle gold shimmer that is really flattering. I don’t usually go in for shades like this because I prefer bolder shadows but this is definitely a people pleaser. I know so many people who would love this shadow and find it perfect as a wash of colour over the lid for an every day look.

While this mini eyeshadow only contains 0.85g, they are usually sold in 1.4g pans. Much like at Inglot or the Mac refills, they are sold in single bars which can then be slotted into one of the Buxom palettes. Because the pans are rectangular, they won’t fit into your Mac palettes but will obviously work in an empty magnetic palette like a Z palette. The single bars of eyeshadow cost $12 each with an empty compact to fit it inside retailing for $2 or a 6-pan palette costing $13.

While the colour didn’t wow me, the quality of the eyeshadow was obvious and despite a little fall out, I was happy with how it worked. However, the price is really offputting. With so many amazing eyeshadows available from the likes of Make Up Geek at a fraction of the price, it would take an incredibly unique shade to get me to buy one of these in future.


The next thing in the set is the Buxom Lash Mascara which is the only mascara offering from the brand – bar a waterproof version of this. They call this intensely volumising and claim it offers bigger, fuller lashes.


While the wand is big and thick which I like, it contains spindly little plastic bristles while I would much rather a brush. Buxom claim that this has a vitamin-enriched, clump-resistant formula that deepens, darkens and thickens while the curvy, hourglass brush is said to coat lashes from root to tip.


I can’t say that I was too impressed. It seems to add a black colour to my lashes but little more. In terms of length and volume, there seems to be little result. The brush is easy enough to use with only a little dotting on the eyelid (as you can see) and the mascara didn’t transfer, smudge or flake throughout the day. The formula, however, just didn’t do it for me. I like bold, thick, voluminous, dramatic lashes and this was far from the result I got.

I received a 5ml mini mascara in the kit but the full size 10ml retails for $20. I will definitely be giving this one a miss.


The product I was most excited about trying was this Buxom Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick. I have been an absolute liquid lipstick fiend for the past year or so and I have been trying as many different formulas as I can get my hands on. Add that information to the fact that Buxom are known for their lip products so it makes sense that this was the first item I reached for to try.


The shade I received was Instigator, labelled a deep berry, which is a permanent colour. I immediately liked the doe foot applicator.


The colour is far from what I would call a deep berry. It is more of a neutral pink and is very flattering. The formula feels like a mousse as you apply it and you can feel it on your lips for a long time afterwards. It doesn’t dry down like a liquid lipstick but instead sits on the lips like a lip cream. It was an hour or two into wear before I stopped feeling it. It never dries down completely matte like a regular liquid lipstick would.


While I like the colour and have worn this several times, it didn’t live up to my expectations or join the ranks of my favourite liquid lipsticks. The wear time is good with it lasting several hours but it definitely needs to be topped up after eating or drinking and I found that it wore away a lot faster than matte formulas. This isn’t a favourite but I know that fans of lip creams like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams will adore this.

I received a mini 1.7g of this while the full size offers considerably more at 4.5g and retails for $21.


The final product is the Buxom Full-On Lip Polish. This was probably the product I was least excited for as I am not a fan of lip gloss usually. However, one of the reasons I love little mini kits like this is you can discover a hidden gem you would never otherwise find.


Buxom Lip Polishes are described as sheer, shimmering glosses with a tingling, plumping effect. I know plumping glosses are very divisive but I, for one, love them! I received the shade Sugar which is described as a pink truffle with a metallic finish. The doe foot applicator is smaller than on the liquid lipstick but still easy to use.


This is quite sheer but it is so high shine, it is incredible. The tingling is minimal – it feels perhaps a little minty – but my lips feel so plump and luscious with this on.


I have an uneven lip line and I like to overdraw my lips anyway so I would never wear a gloss alone but I have reached for this on several occasions to layer over lipsticks and liners and this is one of my favourite glosses that I own.

As with most glosses, the wear time isn’t amazing. It does wear off through talking and breathing and I found it wears unevenly too. It tends to disappear on the inside of my lips leaving an unattractive glossy rim. However, I think the effect of this gloss outweighs having to reapply it often enough.


I decided to apply both the liquid lipstick and gloss together to show how beautifully the gloss layers. Even though I applied it over a cream, it didn’t disturb the product underneath and seeing as the lipstick never lived up to its liquid lipstick promises, I think this is a great way to wear it.


I will never get over that sheen!! Again this was a 2g mini while the full size is over 4g and costs $20. While I adore this gloss, I would repurchase it but wouldn’t be too interested in collecting all shades (of which there are ninety nine!!!) seeing as I would just use it to layer but hey, if you’re a gloss fan, there is definitely something for you here.


Overall, in case you haven’t gathered, the Lip Polish is my top pick while the Eyeshadow Bar and Liquid Lipstick I could give or take. The only real fail was the Mascara for me.  As I said I love trying out new brands and getting an array of minis is the perfect way to do this. While my review of the products was very mixed, it wouldn’t put me off exploring the brand again in future. You can buy Buxom from Sephora (and use Parcel Motel to get it to Ireland) or if you happen to be – or known someone who will be – in the US, you can pick it up in store or at Ulta.

Have you tried anything from the brand?
Did anything here jump out at you?

Disclaimer: No PR samples were featured. No affiliate links were used. While I didn’t spend actual money on these products, I redeemed my Sephora points in exchange for it!


4 thoughts on “Buxom: An Introduction – Photos, Swatches, Review

  1. I’ve tried a few things from Buxom…. but the lip glosses are definitely my fave! A couple of years ago they did a collection where different shades were different names…. the shade “Lauren” was this pink glittery gloss and I was like oh my this is so me!!! I love the formula and how it’s a bit minty!


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