Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black For Her – Review, Photos


If you are an avid Sephora-haul-obsessive like I am, you will have heard about this perfume already. It seems everybody who visits the US seems to pick up one of the Elizabeth and James fragrances so the stand was a must-visit spot for me when I was in New York recently.

If you’re completely in the dark, Elizabeth and James is a fashion brand created in 2007 by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – named after their siblings. Now you may snort and say ‘another celebrity fragrance’ but the Olsen twins are well respected in the fashion community now and this is a high-end perfume, rather than a cheap celebrity endorsement.


The website claims that there are two perfumes in the range – Black and White – but when I was in Sephora, there were two others, Rose and Bourbon as well. I went in with an open mind, having experienced nothing from the range before. However, after spraying all four – Black was the only one that I liked! White was too floral, Rose was too rose-y (I’m not a fan of rose scents!) and Bourbon just smelled exactly as you’d imagine, like whiskey.

I was immediately obsessed with Black though. It is simple (as all of the scents in the range are), containing only three notes: sandalwood, violet and vanilla. It is described as sensual, edgy and mysterious and I definitely understand where they’re coming from with that synopsis. It is a dark woody fragrance that is a little masculine although they claim it is unisex. I adore men’s scents so this is right up my alley. Warm, dark and sexy are other words that spring to mind when I inhale it. It is definitely more of a night time scent.


I decided to pick up the 10ml rollerball because I was already spending a lot in Sephora and wanted to see how I would get on with it. I already have a huge number of perfumes in my current stash that I need to work through anyway. It is absolutely stunning and I know if I get to the US again, I’ll splurge on a full size bottle.

This isn’t the longest wearing fragrance I’ve ever bought which I thought may have been something to do with the rollerball but a quick perusal of online reviews proves it is a common complaint. Because the scent is so unique and stunning though, it is something that wouldn’t put me off repurchasing. I wouldn’t mind carrying this around in my handbag to spray again and again!

As I’ve already mentioned, this is hard to come by. It is available at Sephora or Nordstrom in the US and despite Sephora now shipping to the UK, for some reason this item isn’t available to do that with. You may just need to be vigilant and find a friend visiting the US soon that can pick it up for you. A 30ml bottle will set you back $65, a 50ml costs $85 and the 100ml retails for $110. It is also available in a dry shampoo ($28 for 130ml), a pure perfume oil ($35 for 14ml), a solid perfume compact ($48 for 4g) and a scented candle ($60 for 283g).

Have you had a chance to smell anything in the line?
Does this sound like your kind of fragrance?

Disclaimer: No PR samples were featured.
No affiliate links were used.


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