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Mac Nutcracker Sweet Peach Face Compact – Review, Photos, Swatches


My recent Sephora haul was so huge that I was having  a really tough time trying to decide what to review first. I asked several times on social media but there was no resounding answer about what people wanted to see. Then I realised that there was one product in my possession that had the closest expiry date. Whereas what most of what I bought were permanent products available all year around, this was from a Christmas collection and not only that, it was from Mac, whose Christmas collections are notorious for selling out fast so I realised I had to get this review up pronto.

While Mac collections are released so fast and furiously that it is difficult to keep up, they always go all out for their Holiday collections. While last year’s Magic of the Night release seemed to go over my head a little, this year’s Nutcracker Sweet has been practically screaming in my face. I work right next to a Mac counter and the pink and maroon visuals caught my eye the day of its release! After some online research, I decided that the one item on the top of my wish list was the Mac Nutcracker Sweet Peach Face Compact. While others were going crazy for the Copper Face Compact instead, because it saw the rerelease of the infamous Whisper of Gilt highlighter, a swatch of this that I saw online revealed it was far more suitable for my pale skin.


Firstly the packaging is divine. The stripes from the outer box carry on to the palette itself and while it’s not exactly red and green, there is a definite Christmas vibe. The gold stitching is another beautiful touch. While I love the design, it doesn’t feel too luxurious. The palette is plastic, the stitching is lifting in some places and the plastic sticker that the stripes are printed on bunches oddly when the palette is opened. When I first started in makeup, I thought Mac were the most expensive of all brands but realistically they are mid-range so I think that the packaging is fair for the price you pay. I really just wanted to point out that if you’re looking for something weighty and luxurious, this probably isn’t your man but I am still a fan!

The compact doesn’t click close but it does seem secure without any chance of it falling open in your bag and it is sturdy enough that I think you could easily travel with it. Although I would worry about scuffing up the exterior! A lot of people can be quite precious about their limited edition Mac products!


I made a little weeping sound when I first saw this in the flesh. The compact features an Extra Dimension Skinfinish in the shade Tutu and an Extra Dimension Blush in the shade At Dusk. Both are embossed with that same print from the packaging that is reminiscent of the army jacket on the Nutcracker himself who adorns all Mac counters at the minute.

Tutu is said to be a pearlescent pink-peach while At Dusk is labelled a rose. I would call Tutu more of a peachy-beige while At Dusk is very a dusky rose.
This was my first experience with the Extra Dimension line but I had seen praise for the Skinfinishes all over the internet so I had high hopes for Tutu as an incredible highlighter for fair skins.


I wasn’t disappointed. Above is a before and after picture. In the second, I am wearing both products.

At Dusk is quite firm in the pan so I feel you really need to build it up on the skin, however the colour is so beautiful, particularly with the red tones in my hair, that I am utterly obsessed. My one bug bear is that throughout the day it has a tendency to fade and I always wish that I had applied more that morning.

 Tutu is absolutely incredible. It is finely milled so isn’t chunky or glittery but it offers the prettiest highlight which is not too dark or gold against my light skin. I tend to apply quite a lot and get it to the level of sheen pictured but if you prefer something more subtle, this would definitely work too with a lighter hand.


I have been reaching for this compact every day since I got home from New York and even though it’s been over a week, I still find myself admiring the highlight whenever I catch sight of it in a mirror.

The best word I can think to describe it is ‘pretty’ and I love it. I highly recommend you race to your closest Mac counter and try to track it down. I can even see myself keeping track of future Mac releases to see if they bring back Tutu because for now it is exclusive to this limited edition compact. This will set you back €39 which isn’t too bad for both a blush and highlight, although I bought mine in Duty Free so got it cheaper. It is currently in stock on the Brown Thomas website but I advise you to move quickly if you’re considering picking it up!

Has anything from the Mac Nutcracker Sweet collection caught your eye?
Does this compact do it for you?

Disclaimer: No PR samples were featured.
No affiliate links were used.


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