Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation – Review, Photos


I have been seriously slacking on the blog front recently and have been wanting to get this post up for so long. Usually I try to get my YouTube videos and blog posts up at roughly the same time but my Foundation Examination video went up quite a while ago so apologies for that. You can watch the video below or read on for my in-depth review.

The hype for this was all over social media long before it reached our shores and despite working for the brand in the airport, I headed straight to Debenhams to buy this for myself when I heard they got it first. (The airport is usually quite slow with getting new stock in!) I don’t get any kind of staff discount when shopping at other Urban Decay counters bar my own so that is probably enough to tell you how much I was dying to give this foundation a try!


The foundation comes in a sleek plastic chrome-coloured bottle. Sure, glass is weighty and looks expensive but at the end of the day, I have butter-fingers and don’t enjoy living in fear of the day that I smash my foundation all over the floor so plastic is perfectly acceptable to me. The interesting cut out design on the front gives you a sneak peek at the colour inside and also shows you how much product you have left which is a handy feature. The bottle features a pump applicator which I think we all can agree is a staple and it has one of those airless systems where the base rises to push the product out meaning you get to use almost every last drop with little waste. I cannot fault the packaging. I think Urban Decay did a really impressive job and took everything into consideration with this. I also think it looks quite funky and futuristic.


Its promises are impressive and read like a list of everything I would ever want in a foundation. It claims to provide full coverage with a modern matte finish. It is oil-free, paraben-free and features three times the pigment of the Naked Skin Foundation. They claim a little goes a long way with no need to build coverage or apply multiple layers. It is also said to be waterproof and to diffuse light to blur flaws as well as absorbing excess oil.

I use to be obsessed with matte skin when I first got into makeup. I wanted everything as matte and flat as possible. More recently, I have liked things to look a little dewier and healthier so that was the one feature of this foundation that I thought I wouldn’t be enamoured with. When they say a modern matte that is never flat, they’re not lying. While this won’t pass for dewy or glowy, there is a subtle lit-from-within glow to it that means the finish isn’t flat at all. Also for a matte foundation, it feels in no way tight or drying on the skin. The consistency itself is a little like a cream. It isn’t as runny as a liquid yet despite its full coverage claims, it isn’t thick or heavy either. I have found it absolutely flawless to apply and even when I’m getting ready for work at 3am with poor lighting and my eyes half shut, I have never found it streaky or patchy when I do finally get to see myself properly. I honestly think its foolproof.


Coverage-wise, it delivers on its promises. It is very full coverage and definitely not one where I think you could forgo a little contouring or something to bring your face back to life. It covers so well that there is barely a reason to use concealer although I do, probably more out of habit than anything else. As I mentioned, it does dry down to a matte finish but I do still powder it as it has a tendency to settle in the lines around my eyes and the creases in my forehead. I powder absolutely every foundation I have ever owned for those exact reasons so this isn’t a flaw in the foundation. Even with a matte finish and powder on top, I never think this feels tight, uncomfortable or drying. I have worn this every day since I bought it (over a month ago) and it hasn’t dried my skin out over time, even with the cold snap we’ve been having recently.

I do think that this could suit most skin types. Obviously a matte finish appeals to those with oily skin but you will probably find that you will still need to repowder. I have an oily t-zone and find that I will get slightly shiny as the day progresses. I have had far shinier experiences with other foundations but it is enough to make me top up my powder after several hours of wear.
Drier skins may shy away from this foundation because of its matte claims but I can assure you that it is so comfortable on the skin that you need not worry. The only issues I have had with it are on some breakouts that I’ve had. My skin has been awful lately and breaking out a lot and I have been using some hardcore products on my spots in the hopes of drying them up. I found on several occasions that the All Nighter really clung to these flaky breakout patches and looked awful. The way I rectify it is by exfoliating the area, reapplying the All Nighter and then avoiding powder in that area. Doing that I have had no problems with cakiness. I don’t suffer from dry skin but it did make me question how this would sit on somebody with dry patches! That would be my only warning about this foundation – drier skins should perhaps try to get a sample first, just in case.


There are twenty four shades in the range which is a great selection and there are lots of different tones available too. The numbers ending in .0 are yellow toned, .5 are pink toned, .25 are neutral toned and .75 are golden toned. I bought the palest shade 0.5 which is an amazingly light shade for pale skinned people! With it ending in .5, I worried it would be too pink for me but I find it to be very neutral. When you see my before and after photos above, I think it looks obviously neutral and perhaps even a little light for me but as you can see in the photo directly above once I add some colour to my face, it is a perfect match. In the photo, I have done no editing except cropping and adding my watermark. Look how flawless my skin looks! It looks almost photoshopped and I promise it’s not.

As for the longwearing claims, it lives up to those too. I wear this all day to work where – including my drive – I’m out of the house for ten or eleven hours and it looks as flawless when I get home as it did when I left. It doesn’t fade or go patchy or uneven. It always looks amazing. You would think it would be hard for me to test the waterproof  claims but one day I accidentally wore it into the shower. I say accidentally but I had intended to take it off in the shower and ended up not but when I stepped out and looked in the mirror I was so shocked. My mascara had smudged around my eyes and there were water streaks running through my bronzer and blush but the foundation looked incredibly flawless! I know from swatching it on my hand in work to show customers all the time that it is difficult to get off although I’ve never had issues with getting it off my face using a regular cleanser or makeup remover.

The only other thing I wanted to address was the issue of oxidisation which is the only negative thing I’ve heard about it. In my experience, the claims are unfounded. I have the palest shade and feel it’s just as pale in the evening as it is when I apply it in the morning. A girl I work with is a lot darker than me and wears 5.0 and has never had issues with it oxidising.
In work one day, I swatched five shades of the Naked Skin Foundation on my hand next to the five shades of the All Nighter Foundation of the same colour. The colours are IDENTICAL side by side. I left the swatches on for as long as I could and the All Nighter swatches didn’t get any darker. The only thing myself and the girls from work could devise is that it has something to do with the fact that it is so pigmented. For example, some people are claiming that the shades are darker than the Naked Skin ones or in the case of the palest shades, lighter than the Naked Skin ones. If you’re wearing the lightest shade in Naked Skin which has a medium coverage, some of your natural skin tone will show through perhaps making it look slightly darker. With All Nighter having three times the pigment, your skin doesn’t show through, making it true to its colour in the bottle and looking very light on the skin. The same, I imagine, rings true for the darker colours. They appear darker because your own skin tone isn’t showing through at all. The best thing I can recommend to you is to get a sample or get colour matched in store rather than just taking a guess with a swatch on your hand. I honestly think the issue here is people blending a little bit into the back of their hand and assuming that a full face will look the same.

Negative reviews aside, this is a purely positive one. I literally cannot fault the All Nighter Foundation in any way. I think that it is flawless. Incredible coverage, a perfect colour match for pale skin, easy to apply, comfortable to wear, demi-matte, waterproof, long lasting. I cannot think of another attribute that I wish it had! I am about three quarters of the way through this bottle now and while I have a drawer of foundations waiting to be used up, the thought of leaving this foundation for something lesser actually horrifies me. I’m going to say it, this is my favourite foundation of all time and it will most definitely be getting repurchased.

30ml retails for €34 from Debenhams and House of Fraser.

Have you tried it yet?
Does it sound like your kind of thing?

Disclaimer: No press samples were featured. No affiliate links were used.
Although I work for the brand, that will never affect my reviews. I am always as thorough as possible in my review and 100% honest.


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