Lime Crime Velvetines – Haul, Swatches & Drama


When people say the words Lime Crime, most people immediately think of drama, controversy and scandal. Many people have made up their minds to boycott the brand and if that is you, I completely understand. I was on the fence myself for a while. I recently discovered an incredible YouTuber called Stephanie Nicole who uploaded a video about the Jeffree Star drama. She speaks eloquently, succinctly and with evidence to back up all she says. I warmed to her at once. When I saw she loved Lime Crime, I delved into her videos knowing she must have addressed the scandal at one stage or another. She had and mentioned all of the reasons she was still a supporter of the brand. I respected her opinion and decided to do some further research into all the claims against Lime Crime so that I could develop an informed opinion for myself.

I found many websites created specifically to bitch about Lime Crime (which in itself makes me wonder about the credibility of the website if the owner has that much time on their hands). Interestingly many of the websites claimed to have changed their opinion on the brand in recent times and although they haven’t deleted the sites, they no longer use them to publish claims against the brand. When I did find stories about the supposed scandals, many of the stories were very old and dated back to the beginning of the brand. People ranted about how Lime Crime were simply private labelling cheap products from China which obviously they no longer do. Many brands do that starting out when they don’t have the funds to hire factories for themselves and many are still praised despite that (I’m looking at you, Morphe) so that is not an issue we can still bring up. Another thing that was pointed out was that the owner, Doe Deere, said rude things to customers online. This is obviously not a great way to run a business but bear in mind, she was very young starting this and if you are pouring your heart, soul and money into running a business, I’m sure it hurts when people criticise it. The internet is a horrible place for trolls. She may have lashed out, it may have been wrong, but if I had set up my own business a few years back and hadn’t known any better, I’m sure I could have made similar mistakes myself. I was quite the outspoken teenager.

Those are just a few of the main points I found and you may disagree with me, that is completely in your right. I just urge you to go and do your own research and don’t formulate an opinion based on things you read on gossip sites!  I honestly feel like Lime Crime have upped their game in recent years and I know  my friend Aundrea recently ordered from them and found the formula of two of the Velvetines she ordered a little off. She dropped them an email and they sent her out two replacements straight away, no questions asked. That is good customer service to me.

So enough of the drama, I just knew that this post may cause some controversy so I had to get my side of the story out first. Now, on to what’s important – the lipstick! I did film a video swatching every Lime Crime Velvetine I own which you can watch below or skip on for photographs and a full review.

Firstly I will start with a shade that I mentioned in my haul post that was gifted to me by Aundrea. Although I have swatched it on my arm in that post, you haven’t seen it on my lips so I wanted to include it here.



This is described as an electric lavender and is said to be blacklight reactive. I haven’t been to any raves recently to test it out but the colour is very vibrant in regular light so I believe the claims.


I would describe it as a neon lavender myself as it is very bright but despite its colour, I didn’t find it patchy or difficult to apply which would be common in shades like this.


I didn’t think I could pull it off when my hair was red but with it now pink, I really like the way it looks. This is one I can see dividing people but if you are a lipstick fiend like me who likes unusual and out there shades, this is definitely unique.


I recently found myself on the Lime Crime website doing a bit of browsing which I knew, no doubt, would end in purchasing when I spotted this True Love Set. It retails for €39.15 which is a bargain considering a single Velvetine costs €17.80 and I was already eyeing up the True Love shade itself so I took the plunge and ordered it.


The trio is made up of various shades of pink and red and before I even opened the box, I knew I was going to be hard pushed to choose a favourite of the three. If they don’t all do it for you, each are available to buy individually.



This is described as a soft petal pink and was a surprising winner for me. I thought this might pull too nude on my pale skin but it is quite a vibrant soft pink and I think works really well with my hair colour.


If you held me at gunpoint and told me I had to choose a favourite of the three, I think it very well could be this one!


True Love

This is described as a vibrant pinky red and was the original shade that caught my eye. I’ve spoke about my search for pinky reds before and this hits the nail on the head.


I think it looks amazing against my pale skin and this is one I can see getting a lot of wear. It is gorgeous!



This is described as a deep cranberry red and is the last in the trio. This is an unusual shade and probably not one I would describe as a cranberry red.


I think it is a sort of plummy nude and a real Kylie Jenner colour. I was living for shades like this with my old hair colour and it could have won favourite if I had received it a week ago but with my pink hair, it falls to the bottom of the list. Although I still love it!


While on the website, I also fell for the I Have 2 Moods Velvetines Duo because it is literally my life. One minute I’m all pink hair, unicorns, glitter and sparkles – the next I’m all-black-everything, goth, rock music. I genuinely have these two moods and even looking at the picture online, I couldn’t decide which colour I favoured. The set retails for €28.47 which saves you some money but both shades are also available separately if you only have the one mood.



This is described as a cotton candy nude and I am obsessed. I thought it may not flatter my pale skin as it can be difficult to find a good nude but this soft pink is perfect.


I would usually pair this with a darker eye look but I wanted to keep my makeup quite neutral in these photos so that it would match all lip colours. There’s no denying that this is a stunner though and probably one that most will opt for out of this line up.



This is described as darkest purple. As you can see, I did have a little bit of an application problem with this one although I didn’t think it looked too bad in person. The lights and HD photography made it a lot more noticeable!


This is a gorgeous vampy purple which made me realise that there was definitely a gap in  my collection for a shade like this. I can tell Raven and I are going to be good friends.


Here is a comparison photo of all shades and I have done a post already on some of the other Velvetines that I own.

If you have never tried them before, the Velvetines have a really unique formula. They feel almost oily on the lips as you apply them but dry down within forty five seconds (I timed it!) Once they’ve dried to their matte finish, it feels like you have nothing on your lips at all. They don’t feel chunky or velvety or cakey. They feel like bare lips! I suffer from dry lips and generally don’t like to have bare lips as I find it slightly uncomfortable without some sort of lip balm on – however in comparison to most liquid lipsticks that feel dry and tight, these are the most comfortable I’ve tried. They also last impressively and come in such unique shades. They have a sweet scent to them too that is pleasant and quite strong on application but which dissipates quickly enough.

I did have issues with two of the shades – Raven and True Love. Both felt slightly gritty on the lips and smelled more plastic-y than sweet. I don’t know if this was a simple issue with my particular lipsticks or if this is across the board when it comes to these two colours. However, I’m happy to overlook that as they both still perform well.

Again if this isn’t a brand you feel comfortable buying, that is completely up to you but if you do some research and find you can forgive their past faults, I urge you to try the Velvetines.

They are available from the Lime Crime website where an individual Velvetine retails for €17.80 although they are currently having a flash sale where there is 20% off everything. Shipping costs a flat rate of €10.95 to Ireland. If you do have a fear of buying from them because of the security breach last year, they do accept PayPal which I urge you to use to be extra safe!

Which is your favourite shade?
Is there a Velvetine you’ve tried that I’m missing out on?

Disclaimer: No press samples were featured.
No affiliate links were used.


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