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Essence Autumn Winter 2016/17 Releases


In March, I posted about Essence’s new releases for Spring/Summer and it seems crazy that we’re now talking about the Autumn/Winter edit! As usual, Essence get me excited because their prices are so low so you can buy lots without feeling guilty!  They are also always right on trend so I bet at least one thing in this post is going to catch your eye! As usual, this is a long one so I’m going to dive right in.

I have filmed a video of me opening these products and trying them on my face in the form of a first impressions but if you’d rather a little more in-depth of a review, read on.


We’ll start with the face as it seems the most logical place to begin.


Firstly I was sent the Essence Get Picture Ready! Long-Lasting Compact Make-up. There are four shades available, of which I was sent the lightest, 10 Matt Ivory.


This is a compact foundation that is said to provide an instantly flawless, even finish. It comes with a sponge which lives underneath the foundation and a mirror which is ideal for top-ups on the go. It also promises a cream to powder texture and retails for €4.95.


This is my first foray into the world of Essence foundations and sadly, this wasn’t a good start. It has a decent medium coverage but feels quite greasy and heavy on the skin. It looks very shiny and despite its “cream to powder” claims, it doesn’t dry down at all. Of course, with it remaining so moist on the skin, when you apply powder on top, it instantly clings to the foundation leaving it really cakey. I also found it grabbed on to my blush and bronzer making that streaky too. No matter what I did with this foundation I couldn’t get it to work and sadly, I couldn’t even figure out who this would suit. Unless you are the driest of the dry, this is one to avoid!


The other base product I was sent was the Essence Camouflage 2in1 Make-Up & Concealer which thankfully, I got on much better with. Again I was sent the lightest shade of the three available. This is 10 Ivory Beige and retails for €4.80.

This claims to be both a foundation and concealer and promises long lasting, high coverage to hide all imperfections and provide a matte and flawless finish without a mask-like effect.


The coverage is a very good medium, it builds beautifully and looks gorgeous on the skin. It is also incredibly long lasting and remains lovely on the skin without fading throughout the day. The only promise that it fails to live up to is the “matte finish” one  – it is more of a satin that means the skin remains gorgeously luminous. I cannot believe that this foundation costs less than five euro. It honestly blew me away and definitely made up for the failings of the compact foundation. I recommend you give this one a go for sure!

You can see my Foundation Examination video on it above. In the rest of the photographs in this blog post, I am wearing it!


For concealer I was sent the Essence Get Picture Ready! Brightening Concealer. There are only two shades available which is a pretty poor range and I received the lighest, 10 Ivory. It costs €3.80.


It comes in a squeeze tube with a sponge applicator which I know will divide the masses. I was prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt but it has no give, pulls the skin and disturbs the foundation underneath. I decided to overlook that and squirt some out to apply with my Beauty Blender.


This promises high coverage with light-reflecting pigments to make dark shadows disappear. Now can you tell which of these photos is the before and which is the after? Logic tells you I probably put the ‘before’ on the left which is correct. Now what if I told you that in the after picture on the right, I only have concealer on one eye. Can you tell which one? It’s the left but yeah, the difference is minimal. I didn’t find this brightening and I found the coverage lacking. This is another that was just a sad fail for me.


Here I swatched all of the skin products together and you can see the inconsistency in the shades, despite them all being the lightest in their ranges. The Camouflage foundation that I loved looks very yellow and dark compared to the other two but is only about a half a shade darker than my skin tone and is very much still wearable! The compact foundation and concealer are both part of the same Get Picture Ready range and when placed side by side, you can see how the concealer does look lighter and brighter but sadly, neither worked for me so I would advise you to avoid both.


For cheeks, I was sent the Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette which is only available in one colourway, 01 Ready, Set, Glow! I didn’t think much of this when I first saw it but prepare to swoon! This palette goes for a mere €4.95.


This is labelled as three highlighter powders with light reflecting pigments to accentuate features with a light pearl, intensive shimmer or golden glow finish. In reality, for my skin tone, this is one bronzer, one highlighter and one blush shade.


Here I am wearing all three. The first shade in the palette makes a gorgeous contour colour on me. Rather than a shimmer, it is more of a satin finish and the cool tone and pale colour work perfectly! The last shade in the palette is far too warm to work as a bronzer or contour shade for me so I apply it as a blush. It warms the cheeks nicely but it is very, very subtle so I do find myself reaching for other blushes over this one. However, if I was in a pinch, this would definitely do the job! Finally, that middle shade is the most beautiful highlight. Just look at that glow! I bathe in this!! This is one of my top picks from the Autumn/Winter releases. I think you need this.


The final face product I was sent was the Essence Satin Touch Blush. I adore the Matt Touch Blush and Silky Touch Blush from the brand so I immediately assumed that we were going to get on. I received the shade 10 Satin Coral and there are two others available. They retail for €3.10 each.


First of all, can you believe the detail on this? This is so incredibly stunning that it’s hard to believe the price.


I am partial to a coral blush and this is no exception. It warms the skin beautifully and it is one I have already gotten so much use out of it. This is definitely worth a look!


Here are the cheek products swatched together. Cheek products usually swatch really lightly like this but I promise it doesn’t mean they are poorly pigmented. It just means they are easy to blend on the skin. I think you should be able to tell how stunning they are from the photos where they are on my face!

Also being released are a Camouflage powder foundation (€4.40) and a strobing highlighter (€3.80) which I absolutely need to get my hands on!


Next up are some new releases for the eyes with some new ranges added to the existing vast selection.


First up is the Essence Contouring Eye Pencil. It is available in two colourways of which I was sent the lightest, 01 Caramel Meets Frosting. It is a double-ended pencil with one side a matte taupe to contour and the other a shimmering pearlescent shade to highlight. It costs €3.10.


I have never been a huge fan of eyeshadow pencils. They always crease on my eyes and I only tend to use them as bases for powder eyeshadow. This was no exception. While the colours were pretty, this just moved around too much on my eyes and never set down. I know other people love eyeshadow pencils for their ease of use and if this is you, I think this is worth a look as the colours are great every day ones.


I liked the tone of the pencil so much that I decided to use it to contour my face and it worked perfectly on my pale skin. This is a great alternative to those expensive contouring sticks from high end brands!


Also in the contouring range, I received the Essence Contouring Eyeshadow Set. There are four colour combinations available and I was sent the lightest, 01 Mauve Meets Marshmallows.


It claims to include step-by-step instructions which in reality means ‘1. Highlight’ is printed on the lighter shade with ‘2. Contour’ on the darker. Pretty basic. Realistically, there are no rules in makeup so you can put them wherever you want! If you’re a complete newbie, highlight should be placed on areas you want to bring forward and contour on areas you want to recede. This costs €3.10.


These are both matte shadows and again, are quite subtle on the eye. I think this is a really handy duo to have because regardless of what eyeshadow look you are creating or what palette you are using, there is always use for a light shade to use as a base or a taupe shadow to use in the crease or to buff out the edges.


Here I layered the powder contour set over the contour pencil. As you can see it makes the colours bolder and adds more definition to the look. However, the pencil still creased on me – it just isn’t meant to be!


Here are both contour products side by side. Even though they are both the lightest in their ranges, they are not the exact same shades.


I also received the Essence The Metals Eyeshadow in 07 Frozen Toffee. There are five other shades available and they cost €3.10 each.


These shadows are said to offer an awesome sparkle and metallic shimmer. They can also be applied moist for more intense colour.


This is a gorgeous subtle shimmering shadow that is perfect for an every day look. I can see so many people falling for this and sweeping it on on the way to work.


Here I applied it moist and as you can see, it seriously ups the ante. This is so bold and beautiful and is definitely one I can see myself reaching for for nights out and bolder looks.


I was also sent this Essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil which is said to glide easily and be waterproof. There are six colours availavle, of which I received 05 Rockin’ Taupe. These retails for €2.50 a pop.


Here I blended it all over the lid as well as on the waterline. These set down and work so much better on the eye than the contour pencil, in my opinion. I thought this would be a pretty shade to brighten the eye when used on the waterline but it is actually a little dark for that. I think I will definitely be using this as a base instead. I love the formula and can definitely see myself checking out the rest of the shades in the range which all seem to be neutral and wearable.


Here I layered the Metal eyeshadow over the pencil and wow! How stunning is this?! These products are both definitely worth checking out.


Next up is the Essence Rock ‘n’ Doll Duo Stylist Eyeliner Pen which is a ball shaped felt tip which is said to make it easy to create lines and dots. I have seen similar eyeliners to this from L’Oreal and have just been downright confused by the ball nib but I decided to bite my tongue and give it a go anyway. It costs €3.10.


Honestly, I hate it. It is so difficult to work with and is impossible to create a very thin line with. If thick liner is your thing or you have tried these types of liners before with success, then perhaps you will like this but it just doesn’t work for me.


Here are the eye products swatched side by side. As you can see, the shadow over the liner adds a sort of green tinge and I think makes it look its best.


I love Essence mascaras so was excited for this Essence Rock ‘n’ Doll Crazy XXXL Volume Mascara. This promises XL wow volume and costs €3.50.


The wand is an asymmetic brush with shorter and longer fibers to cover each individual lash. I love a fat, thick brush as it usually translates to mega volume. I wasn’t wrong.


Can you get over this?! That is one coat. I didn’t even realise my lashes were that long! I am obsessed with this but that’s not all…


I was also sent the Essence The False Lashes Mascara Dramatic Volume Unlimited which again, sounded right up my alley. This promises a deep black texture, dramatic volume and a false lash effect. This also costs €3.50.


This one, however, features a conical wand which somewhat resembles a Christmas tree. I don’t usually go for wands like these as it usually means length and separation but no volume. I was wrong…


Check this out! The small wand means you can get right to the base of the lashes and there is less blobbing and mess but you still get that incredible drama.

To be honest, I think the results of both mascaras are very similar and if you are trying to choose between the two, I would merely base it on which type of wand you prefer but these are such amazing mascaras that I urge you to try at least one of these. They are beautiful!!

Also for eyes, Essence are releasing a super precise liquid liner (€3.50), a false lash mascara that promises extreme volume and curl (€3.50), nine shades of Velvet eyeshadow (€2.50) and an eyeshadow primer in two shades (€3.50). For brows, they have an eyebrow powder duo (€3.50), a brow powder pen (€3.10) and an eyebrow brush (€1.90).


On to my favourite category, lips! Essence have a heap of new releases so there is bound to be something for everyone.


First is the Essence BB Beauty Balm Lipgloss. It has shea butter and Vitamin E to make lips soft and supple.


It comes in a squeezy tube and promises a light texture with high shine and subtle colour. It costs €2.50.


There are five shades available and I received 05 Heartbreaker which is a glossy red. I am not a huge fan of lip gloss and this one smells a little sweet and a little like plastic.


The texture is lovely, non-sticky and moisturising. The colour is also very pretty. Because I’m not a gloss fan, this doesn’t do it for me but as far as glosses go, this is a good one so if you do like lipgloss, these are definitely worth a look.


This is really unusual. This is the Essence 2in1 Lipstick & Liner. It is said to have a matte finish and work to define lip contours while providing rich colour.


I was terrified when I saw this at first but found it quite easy to use! The point is perfect for lining and when you lay it on its side, it is easy to fill in the rest of the lips.


There are three colours available and I received 02 Make Some Noise! which is a dark berry pink.


The texture of this is beautiful. While it has a matte look to it, it still feels moisturising on the lips and doesn’t dry them out. I wish there were more than three shades but I will definitely be checking out the other two, especially for a mere €3.10 each.


Then there are these Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks. There are seven shades of which I was sent two. They retail for €2.90 each.


The packaging on these is pretty. While not weighty, the silver tubes and colour co-ordinated lids definitely feel more expensive than those from a budget brand.


The first shade is 02 Perfect Match which is a beautiful peach nude that I think many people are going to favour.


This is a gorgeous every day shade that I am sure to get a lot of wear out of. I’m a huge fan.


The other shade is 07 Purple Power which is a perfect Autumnal berry colour.


These take a swipe or two to build up but once they do, the pigmentation is really impressive. These aren’t as matte as their name suggests but rather a satin finish. They are also comfortable and nourishing on the lips.


The final lip products I was sent were the ones I was most excited for, the Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss. When I heard matte and lipgloss together, I presumed these might actually be liquid lipsticks but they aren’t.


These claim to have a creamy mousse texture that provides long lasting colour, high coverage and a velvety-matte finish. There are five shades in the range and I was sent two. They cost €2.90 each.


The first shade is 01 La Vie Est Belle, a very light strawberry milkshake pink.


At first I thought this was a little too light for me and that it would wash me out but it is actually quite a pretty colour. It wouldn’t be one I would normally gravitate towards but I like it.


The other colour is 03 Girl of Today, a dark pink.


Again this is pretty and wearable and one I think I will reach for often.

The first thing I noticed about these is the overpowering butterscotch scent. I mean, this is strong like butterscotch Angel Delight. Once you get over that, the texture is very moussey and applies easily with bold pigmentation. This does not dry down and despite its matte lip promises, has more of a satin finish. These are not the liquid lipsticks I was hoping for, they are more like lip creams but are still beautiful!


While I’m not a fan of gloss, there wasn’t a fail among the lip products. They are all worth a look and your choice will probably best be based on personal preference!


My top picks are the Matt Matt Matt lipsticks but I will definitely be having a browse of my local Essence stand to see the rest of the available colours in all of the lines.

Other new releases include Colour & Care lipsticks (€3.10), Balmy Kiss moisturising lip care (€1.60) and Volume On! plumping lipgloss (€2.90).


Finally are the new nail products which are a combination of nail care and new shades of the Gel Polish line.


For nail care, there are the Essence XXL Nail Thickener to protect thin nails, the Essence Ultra Gloss Nail Shine Top Coat and the Essence All in One Complete Care Base & Top Coat. I took swatch photos of these on the nails but it seemed silly to include them as they all just look a little shiny.
I don’t have an exact price for these but assume they are between €2 and €2.50 like the rest of the nail care products.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish.jpg

I was also sent four new colours from the Essence The Gel Nail Polish line which I adore. I have so many shades in the range already but they still continue to release beauties!


First up is 73 More Than a Feeling which is a gorgeous vampy maroon that I will get so much wear out of for Autumn/Winter. It’s pretty and opaque in one coat but the second coat elevates it to gothic levels.


Next is 78 Royal Blue which is a different one for me. Somebody on my Facebook page pointed out that this resembles a Doctor Who Tardis blue and I would have to agree. This is a unique one that I haven’t seen from too many other brands.


This is 83 Pretty Cool Life and if you know me, you know I love a pistachio green. This one is more muted which I love as it means I don’t have a dupe for it in my collection (and I have quite a few minty shades!) The fact that this is duller means that it doesn’t scream ‘spring’ the way pastel shades can, instead it is more sophisticated and can definitely make the transition to Autumn/Winter.


Finally, this is 87 Gossip Girl. I already fell over head over heels for a grey shade from Essence last year and when I saw this, I thought it was the same colour. Side by side, this is definitely more blue and slightly darker than their older offering. Grey nails are some of my all time favourites and why it isn’t a more popular nail choice, I’ll never know!

Essence are also releasing a nail cleanser (€2.10), a Mega Last base coat (€2.10), a Jewelry top coat  with shimmer particles(€2.50), a nail detox with algae extract and vitamin B5 (€2.50), growth boosting drops (€2.50) and a power repair (€2.50) as well as manicure stencils (€1.30), nail polish remover pads (€1.90) and a rich hand cream (€1.90).

So, that was a lot to take in but these products should be on stands now or at least incredibly soon! My top picks are definitely the Luminizer palette, Matt Matt Matt lipsticks, either of the mascaras and any of the nail polish colours!

Which of these products caught your eye and got you excited?
What disappointed you?

Disclaimer: All of the products were sent to me as PR samples. I am under no obligation to mention them on my blog and it does not affect my opinion of the products in any way.

No affiliate links were used.


7 thoughts on “Essence Autumn Winter 2016/17 Releases

  1. Such a great post, loved reading it and if I may add, I love your blog. Great pictures, detailed descriptions and the swatches…just perfect! I’ve discovered your blog tonight, congrats for what you’re doing because you do an amazing job! x


  2. Hey. Can you please tell me what kind of skin do you have?(dry, oily, normal..) and would be amazing if you could put some close up photos. How is the foundation after some hours? It feels heavy?


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