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Wet n Wild 1 Step Wondergel Nail Color

Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Colour

I have been a huge fan of the gel polish concept which has been very popular for the past year or so. Whatever it is about the way I use my hands, my nail polish never lasts me any amount of time and usually chips almost immediately. Any polish that promises me long wear is good in my books. I have tried this type of no-lamp gel polish from Barry M, Models Own, Essence and many other brands but I was excited to see it from one of my favourite budget brands, Wet n Wild. They’re a little late on the bandwagon but for €2.79 a bottle, I didn’t stop to think about that before throwing them into my basket. I know several bloggers were sent these out to try lately but I was not. Again, for a fiver for both, it was hardly a dent in my wallet that I couldn’t withstand!

My nail polish collection is, frankly, ridiculous and I really don’t need any more but I couldn’t resist trying these out and so opted for shades that I didn’t think I could dupe in my stash. I have been a fan of neutrals lately so the two shades I chose are ones I think a lot of others will fall for too.

Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Color Condensed Milk

719A Condensed Milk

The first one I opted for caught my eye straight away as I have been loving that mannequin hand effect lately. I wanted a colour that would pretty much match my skin tone. Condensed Milk is lighter than I thought and applies very streaky, taking three coats to get even close to even. If you click into the above photo, you can see a bigger image and will probably be able to tell that there are still some obvious streaks in it, even after three coats. My nails aren’t in great condition and I’m going to experiment with nursing them back to health and using some different base coats because I adore the shade of this. Just worn alone, however, this was quite disappointing and unless I can find a remedy, this is one I won’t reach for again.

Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Color Stay Classy

732A Stay Classy

The other shade I picked up is an incredibly on-trend colour right now. It is the muted mauve-pink as worn by Kylie Jenner and the Instagram crowd. This is so unlike a shade that I would normally go for that it took some getting used to having on my nails but I actually think I really like it now. It applied almost fully opaque in one coat and the second swipe really perfects it and gives it a beautiful glossy finish. This is one I’d stock up on as I can see it selling out fast.

Wet n Wild claim this is the first gel polish that doesn’t require a top coat or a lamp. I like the fact that a top coat isn’t required as it is heralded as a necessity for most of the other gel polishes I have tried. It also promises two weeks of wear and shine with no harsh removal and is three free – no formaldehyde, toluene or phtalates. While I didn’t get even close to two weeks of wear out of it, I never take promises like that to heart anyway. This did last longer than a regular polish on me – I got about three days before noticing some very minor tip wear – which is actually fantastic in my experience! The polishes do also have a gorgeous glossy finish to boot.

Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Colour Brush

The brush is quite wide and very easy to use, even for me and I am pretty bad at nail polish application. It coats the nail quickly and easily. The only negative thing I have to say about these polishes and it’s not even a big one is that they do take a while to dry down although for a long wear finish, I don’t think it’s a big deal and I will happily deal with it!

While the lighter shade is going to take some experimentation (I am adamant that I will get it to work!), I can happily report that these nail colours are everything that I wanted them to be and they really impressed me. For the €2.79 price tag, I think you’d be crazy not to pick one up. I know a few more will probably end up in my basket next time I pass a stand.

 Have you tried the Wet n Wild 1 Step Wondergels yet?
Are you a fan of gel polishes?

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