Ombre HD Brows by Olena Oliynyk – The Follow Up

After 2

This post is going to be on the healing process and the touch up I had on my eyebrows so if you missed out on my original post about the experience, you can catch up here. I have also filmed a video detailing the process of getting it done and all of my opinions which you can watch here.

When I ended my last post, I had just had my eyebrows tattooed for the first time and you can see how fresh they were in the photo above. I was in love with them from the word go. The after care was simple. I had to wipe over them with a clean cotton pad to remove any residue that leaked out (as does with a normal tattoo) and then apply some Vitamin A and D cream to them to keep them moisturised, which Olena supplied for me. I had to do this every hour for the first two days although obviously not through the night or anything like that. I am a stickler for rules so stuck rigidly to the aftercare and had no issues. I also avoided using eyebrow products at all on my brows for about a week afterwards until I was sure they were fully healed.

What does happen when your brows are healing is that the skin flakes off – much like with a regular tattoo – although obviously on a much smaller scale. This means that there were miniscule little white flakes in my eyebrows for about two days after I finished with the after care. These weren’t very noticeable. Nobody pointed them out to me or asked me about them. Honestly nobody noticed but me. I have heard about the flaky stage before but it isn’t something to worry about. You won’t need to lock yourself away indoors or anything! It’s all very minor.

Well the week after I got my brows done, I jetted off on holidays to get married and honeymoon for a month so it was few weeks after I got back that I finally scheduled my touch up session with Olena. I was really happy with the way my brows looked but Olena told me to pop in anyway as most people need a touch up. So just before I headed in, I took this photo of them fully healed and eight weeks old.

Before Touch Up WM

The main difference is that the colour cooled a lot which matched my natural eyebrow colour. Obviously they looked warmer and redder in the first photo because they were fresh and tender. I was still hopelessly in love with them.

On my first visit to Olena to get my brows done, I had worn a full face of makeup and she ended up wiping most of it off me so on my follow up visit, I had learned my lesson and wore nothing bar a little concealer. When I walked in, the first thing Olena said was how she was going to clean off my brow makeup and I laughed and told her I wasn’t wearing any. She couldn’t believe how amazing my brows looked even without a top up. She said she would double check them any way so I lay up on the bed while she began to prepare her station. Because it would take her a few minutes to do, she put a numbing cream on my brows while I was waiting as I chatted on about my holiday etc.

When she was ready to start I was less nervous than last time because I knew what to expect. Coincidentally the first time I had gone my pain tolerance had been lower because it was the first day of my period and when I went for my top up, it was the first day of my period also making it exactly eight weeks later. I didn’t feel as weak and nauseous as I had done on my first visit but I was still a little anxious that it would be uncomfortable. The second the needle hit my skin I wondered what I was nervous about in the first place. It really wasn’t bad at all. Olena asked how it felt and I said I could feel it but it wasn’t bad. So after passing over the skin with the machine quickly, she applied a different numbing cream – the one she had used on me the first time. I asked her why she had applied two different numbing creams on me that day when the first day she had only applied one. She told me that the first one is very mild and doesn’t really do much at all. She said she didn’t usually use it unless she had to set up her station and the client would be waiting. The second numbing cream is much stronger and needs to be used when the skin is already open hence why she has to do an initial pass before applying it. Once she had left the second numbing cream on for a few minutes, she got back to work and again I didn’t feel a thing at all.

She told me there wasn’t much to do for my top up but being the perfectionist that she is, Olena tweaked and perfected them until she was a hundred percent happy. Once again when I looked in the mirror, I was absolutely delighted.

After Touch Up WM

Here is a photo of them immediately after the top up. Olena told me I didn’t need to be so rigorous with the after care as she didn’t have to do too much to them so I only needed to keep it up for a few hours afterwards. I kept brow products off them for a few days and didn’t notice any of the flaking this time around.

After Touch Up Healed (2)

Here is a photo of them fully healed – how they look now.

After Touch Up Healed Both

This is both of them. So when I wake up in the morning with not a scrap of makeup on, this is how my eyebrows look. It’s amazing, right?!

Overall, I think having your eyebrows tattooed on makes a huge difference. I don’t feel like as much of an alien without makeup as I used to. It was especially good when I was away on holidays and could get away with a slick of BB cream during the day. It has definitely saved me time with my makeup routine. Because of the red tones in my hair, I do use some brow powder to warm up the colour a little but this takes me two seconds as opposed to the five to ten minutes it would have taken me before to create the brow shape I wanted. I also find I am a lot lazier with my brows. They always looks so good so they don’t need as much grooming as usual. When I do tweeze them, it’s so easy because there is already a guideline drawn for me and I just need to pluck around it! I really don’t have a negative thing to say about the brows. The pain is minimal, the healing is easy and then you have incredible eyebrows! I love them.

Again, I cannot recommend Olena enough. She is a complete perfectionist which is obviously what you need to look for when somebody is tattooing your face! She is also so lovely and friendly as well as a complete eyebrow expert. You can check out her work and price list on her website here.

Before & After

Finally here is a before and after. On the left is my brow before any tattooing and on the right is my brow today fully healed. What a difference an eyebrow makes!

Please let me know what you think of semipermanent makeup and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them below.

Disclaimer: I was invited by Olena to have this treatment done free of charge. I was not paid to write this review. These are all of my own opinions and I would not recommend something that I was unhappy with. I put my trust in somebody to tattoo my face and would not enter into something like that lightly – not even for money!


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