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Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – Review, Photos

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 Just before I went away for my wedding and honeymoon, I was invited to Debenhams to be colour matched to my perfect shade of Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. I had heard so many mixed reviews on this foundation and was dying to try it for myself so despite being up to my eyes with last minute packing and preening, I made it a priority to go and get matched. The girls were lovely and it was quite simple to match me to the lightest shade Porcelain. I am always the lightest shade. I thought I might receive a sample to take home but was delighted to be given a full bottle of product for myself.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Bottle

The pastel pink outer packaging is exactly what comes to mind when I think of Too Faced as a brand – with all of their sweet-based products (I am a HUGE fan of the original Chocolate Bar palette!) – The foundation itself comes in a frosted glass bottle which immediately feels luxe.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Pump

The bottle also comes with a pump dispenser which is always welcomed in my eyes. I did notice that the few bottles of foundation I am working through at the moment all have glass bottles and feel similar in weight although the other two (Armani’s Luminous Silk and Marc Jacob’s Re(marc)able) are a lot more expensive than the Too Faced offering. Packaging wise, I think the main difference is that while the bottles feel similar, the lid of the Born This Way feels like a very flimsy lightweight plastic while the other two are far more substantial. However, what’s in a bottle? I digress…

This foundation came with a whole load of promises. It is said to offer an undetectable medium to full coverage, have an oil-free formula, diffuse the line between makeup and skin as well as giving the look of naturally radiant skin. It contains coconut water to naturally replenish moisture levels, alpine rose to brighten the skin’s appearance and improve elasticity and hyaluronic acid for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

I tried it once or twice in the days before I went away but it didn’t impress me enough, based on first impressions, for me to pack it for my trip. The weather in Dublin was hotter than usual those days and it seemed to melt a little on my face so I didn’t think it would be up to battling the fierce heat in Vegas or Cancun. Now that I’m home, I’ve started giving it another go. I filmed a YouTube video where I tested it over several hours of wear which you can watch here

or read on for spoilers.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Comparison

There are twelve shades of the foundation available which is quite a decent colour range and as I mentioned, I was matched to the lightest shade, Porcelain. Sadly, that colour does not match me at all. It is incredibly yellow and while I would normally opt for a yellow tone, this is branching into Simpsons territory. It is also about a shade too dark for me to boot but it is really the yellowness that is off putting even more so than that. A girl on YouTube has pointed out that in the US, they have two lighter shades than Porcelain called Pearl and Snow so why on earth do we not have them here? Are we not known for our pale skin?! When I was being colour matched, the girl actually mentioned that Porcelain isn’t even available on counter, that it needs to be ordered in which I thought was painful for us lighter skinned girls but now I’m telling you, if you’re a lighter skinned girl like myself, it probably won’t match you anyway and that’s upsetting.

One pump of foundation dispenses quite a large amount. If you have a smaller face or like a very light layer, you could possibly do your entire face with it. I always need to dispense a second pump to finish off my face but the second pump is always far too much so this is a bit of a waste of product. This definitely offers the medium coverage promised and it layers nicely up to a pretty decent full coverage too. I would not, however, believe the claim that it is undetectable on the skin or that it gives the illusion of skin at all. It looks like foundation. A nice foundation with the slightest hint of a glow – not matte or flat at all – but it’s definitely not going to pass as skin!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Full Face

Based on my first few times wearing this foundation and how shiny it got after a few hours of wear, I was shocked to learn that it is oil-free. I did put it down to that unusually warm weather we were having but since I’ve been home, I’ve learned that this foundation just doesn’t do well on my skin at all. I am not an excessively oily person – I’m combination with a T-zone that gets slightly shiny throughout the day. This got incredibly shiny on me after only a few hours of wear and I hadn’t worn any moisturisers or radiant primers underneath (which I normally do). After around four hours, it had sunk into pores and fine lines – really highlighting them. I don’t think four hours is a long time at all to wear a foundation. I usually need a foundation to last at least eight to ten to cover a full working day. By hour six, my face looked like an oil slick covered in pot holes.

I have used foundations I wasn’t crazy about before but this was quite an incredible fail for me. The lightest colour available is far from light and scarily yellow. Despite its oil-free formula, it made my face look like an oily mess. It also highlighted all of my pores and lines and as I creep ever closer to thirty, those are things that are not appreciated.

Obviously foundation is a very personal thing and is very dependent on both personal preference and your own skin type. This did nothing for me. If you are oily, I would definitely advise you to steer clear! I could only imagine this suiting those who were dry to very dry. Do please, let me know if you have had a different experience to me as I would love to hear a success story about this foundation. Sadly it just wasn’t for me. It costs €35 and is available in Debenhams stores.

Have you tried this?
What foundation are you using at the moment?

Disclaimer: The was sent to me as a PR sample. I am under no obligation to mention it on my blog and it does not affect my opinion of the product in any way.
No affiliate links were used.


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