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Essence Trend Edition – Little Eyebrow Monsters – Review, Swatches

Essence Little Eyebrow Monster Collection

I know it hasn’t been too long since I shared the Essence Spring/Summer releases with you but this little package arrived at my door out of the blue and because it is limited edition, I wanted to show it to you as soon as possible. Meet the Little Eyebrow Monsters collection which is on stands now. I love a good brow product and regularly change mine up because I still haven’t found The One. Well, that and I change my brows with my mood! So I was looking forward to giving these bad boys – or little monsters – a try!

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Tweezer

First up, something everybody needs, the Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Tweezer (€2.50). It is available in one colourway; 01 Don’t Touch the Monsters! Now I know people swear blind that you need a €30 Tweezerman tweezer or one from some other high end brand but I have only ever used cheap tweezers my entire life and guess what, they still pluck out the hairs! The tweezer I am currently using is from Penneys so I was definitely not going to be a snob about this one!

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Tweezer Close Up

This one is fun and yellow and has a picture of a cute little monster on it. It also has a slanted tip which I much prefer for reaching those stray hairs. I will admit that I don’t love this as much as my Penneys tweezers. It feels a little blunter but it still did a decent job when I was plucking my eyebrows and if you’re looking for a cheap as chips tweezers for those hairs that keep bugging you every time you open your car visor, this will definitely do the job!

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Treatment

Next up I have this Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Treatment (€3.10). It is only available in 01 No Trick Just Treat. Now these things are always quite hard to review. Did I use it once and wake up as Brooke Shields? No. Obviously not. I’ve tried treatments like these from several brands – most notably one from Eylure which costs around €10 as far as I can remember – and to be honest, I’ve never been consistent enough to see actual results. However, I’m quite happy with my brows so it wouldn’t be a product I would probably be obsessed with anyway.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Treatment Wand

If, however, you’re counting the few eyebrow hairs you have, I’d say for three quid, it could be worth giving a go. It comes with a little applicator and a very strange lipgloss-like consistency which I thought I would hate. Once on the brows, it isn’t sticky as I imagined it would be although you can feel it there when you touch your brows. It has a strong sweet fruity fragrance – which again reminded me of lipgloss and put me off – but once it is on the brows, you can no longer smell it. There are no ingredients listed and Essence simply claim that it is “enriched with valuable oils” so make of that what you will. If you’re in dire need of some hair growth, you could do worse than spend three euro and take the chance on this.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Mascara

This is the Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Mascara (€3.50) which is available in two shades. I have 01 Ernie Knows Best but there is also a lighter shade, 02 Bert Knows Better. This is a tinted brow gel that also contains fibers to add fullness to the brow. Now, I had acquired quite a few of these type of eyebrow mascaras and they were gathering dust in my drawer so I ended up giving them away. When I tried this one though, I fell back in love with the concept and now deeply regret my generosity!

Bare Brows

So here are my eyebrows without any product on them. I do have them tinted but whenever I put makeup on, they always tend to look grey as they’re so ashy – especially compared to my hair!

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Mascara 01 Ernie Knows Best

And here they are with the mascara. This picture does absolutely no justice to the product. It fills them in, makes them look fuller, adds colour – all while still looking quite natural. I have a ring light on me for these photos and I think it is reflecting off my brows so you can’t get a real feel for the product. To be honest, with this full-on makeup look, I wasn’t crazy about these brows anyway. I think they needed more definition. However, when I first received this product, I tried it on bare brows when I had no makeup on and I adored the way it looked. It was as if I had thick, gorgeous, full brows naturally. You couldn’t tell I had product on them but my brows looked incredible.

Make of that what you will. If you like a full, natural brow, I highly recommend this but if you prefer more structure and definition this won’t be for you. This is something I am going to take on my honeymoon for heading to the beach or pool or for a very low key, no-makeup look!

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Brush

Next I have the Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Styler (€3.10) which is a double-ended brow brush. It is available in just one colour-way called 01 Monsters in Style. Now, I am fussy when it comes to brow brushes. I have bought several – both cheap and cheerful and pricey and high-end and I have been disappointed by a lot. One of my favourite brow brushes is the Mac 266 although sadly I lost mine down a plughole in Rome and have yet to repurchase it. In the mean time, I found a Billion Dollar Brows double-ended brush which I am obsessed with and use daily but it costs over twenty quid. I didn’t expect much from this brush but in the name of the review, of course, I gave it a go.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Brush Spoolie

One side is a spoolie which is quite short compared to most. Its bristles also seem quite widely spaced too. I love a good hard spoolie that really combs out every last scrap of product from the brows and reaches every single hair. This one isn’t great. It isn’t soft but it just isn’t hard enough for my liking. It would definitely do the job if you were stuck though and if you don’t have a spoolie in your collection at all, it would definitely be worth picking up for the price.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Brush Angled

The other end is an angled brush and this is where I get really fussy. Surprisingly, I didn’t hate it! It was completely workable (which is more than I can say for the angled brush by Real Techniques!). My one critique is that it is slightly too long which makes it a bit floppier than I would like but I am definitely keeping this as a backup in case some plug hole decides to eat my Billion Dollar Brows one! This is definitely one to pick up – if only as a back up!

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Fixing Gel

Then we have the Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Fixing Gel (€2.90) which is only available in one shade – clear, called 01 Hold ‘Em In Place. Now my eyebrows tend to droop downwards throughout the day so I am a fan of a clear brow gel and have been using one daily for quite a few months now. The one I have been using is by Billion Dollar Brows and again is quite pricey – I received it as a press sample but would definitely not repurchase it for over €20. It’s invisible, for God’s sake!

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Fixing Gel Wand

It comes with a teeny spoolie applicator which really surprised me when I opened it but which can reach every little hair from the root. It applied easily and doesn’t affect the colour of the product underneath – which I think is really important. It takes a while to dry down but once it does, you can’t feel it on the brows which I think is amazing because some others can feel crispy and hard to the touch. I did find this helped my brows stay in place just as well as the Billion Dollar Brows one. It doesn’t set rock hard and by the end of the day, there may be one or two cheeky escapee hairs but this is something I would definitely repurchase.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Stencils

Okay the next product I have to show you is a controversial one because I don’t believe in them. These are the Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Stencils (€2.30) which come in just one set called 01 Say Yes To Statement Brows. Now I remember a few years ago, my cousin was searching high and low for a set of eyebrow stencils to give her an idea of how to shape her brows but I do not agree with these at all. You cannot place a random brow on your face. Eyebrows should suit the shape of your face, your eye shape, your natural brow shape – there are so many factors involved when it comes to eyebrows. You can’t just pick one out of a box or copy Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows directly on to your face. Sure, they’re lovely on her but you probably don’t have her exact bone structure, face shape, eye shape etc. So, I guess you could say, I wasn’t expecting much from these from the get go.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Stencils Three

I did have to admit that they were cute though with little monsters and names for each of the shapes. I decided the best thing to do was demonstrate how crazy they all are. I tried to conceal out my brows as best as possible and then used the black shade from the brow palette I’m going to talk about in a bit. The only reason I did this was I hoped it would make the brow stencil shape more apparent than my own natural brow. Obviously in this colour, all brows are going to look a bit mental.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Stencils Miss Natural

I had never used a brow stencil in my life and I was surprised with how difficult it was to get it to line up with my natural brow. Obviously I started this stencil way too far back from where my brow should start. This is worrying in itself because if people are going to use these to fill in their brows or worse, to actually shape their brows – they could very easily get the placement completely wrong!
Miss Natural has a very slight curve to it all the way across. It has very little arch and is quite thin as well. Overall this wouldn’t be a very flattering brow shape on most people. It is almost reminiscent of those early 00’s brows that looked like McDonald’s M’s.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Stencils Miss Drama

Again, I didn’t line this brow up great. Miss Drama is very thick and the arch begins a little too early. It should be two thirds of the way across but it is almost in the middle. This definitely reminds me of those horrific bold scouse brows.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Stencils Miss Bold

Finally, Miss Bold is probably the most similar to my own brow shape. It still isn’t great and even if it were an exact copy of my brow shape, it wouldn’t make it suitable for everybody else’s face. These are one product I just cannot get behind!

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Lifters

The products I was probably most excited to try were the Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Lifter (€3.10). I was sent both shades available; 01 Lift ‘Em Up in White and 02 Lift ‘Em Up in Rosy. Now I am obsessed with highlighters so I loved the idea of these. I thought the white would be good for my pale complexion but I was equally as intrigued by the rosy one.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Lifters Swatches

Sadly, I got on with neither. I applied the white one under my brow straight from the bullet and used my finger to blend it out. It instantly dispersed into a glittery mess. I am not opposed to a pearlescent brow highlight but one that is entirely made up of glitter is a completely different story. Just no.

I had to adjust the settings on this photo quite a bit as they are so reflective that in the original photo you could barely see them. Here you can see the colours fairly true to life. The first swatch is straight from the bullet while the second is it blended out with my finger. These could possibly work as eyeshadows but I will definitely not be using them under my brows!

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow and Highlighter Set

The final product I have to show you is the Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow and Highlighter Set (€4.10). I received the shade 02 Little Miss Bold but there is a lighter version also available called 01 Little Miss Natural.   To be honest, when I first saw this, I wasn’t expecting much. I think I have hated every domed eyeshadow like this I have ever tried so brow products in the same format didn’t appeal to me.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow and Highlighter Set Pans

This set contains a medium brown, black and a white to highlight. It may be because of their shape but when the light hits, they look a little shiny. I was definitely holding out no hope for these. I was pleasantly surprised.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow and Highlighter Set 02 Little Miss Bold

These are highly pigmented and actually beautiful on the brows. I used the black to line the underneath of my brows for some real definition. I then used the brown on the rest of my brows. The black wasn’t too dark (although I don’t think I would fill my entire brows in with it!) and the brown blended beautifully. I am also completely obsessed with the white which is such a beautiful matte brow highlight. It seriously lifts the brow. This is definitely my pick of all of the products I was sent and I highly recommend you try it out. It has actually replaced my NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder as my every day brow product!

The other product in the collection is the Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Eyebrow Pen which comes in three shades; 01 Little Miss Natural, 02 Little Miss Bold and 03 Little Miss Dark. I wasn’t sent any of these but they seem to have those domed foam tips that they dispense the product through. I think I have seen similar from Maybelline!  They don’t appeal to me personally but at €3.80, may be worth a look next time you’re passing a stand if that’s your jam!

Overall, Essence have done it again with a product to suit every preference and for incredible prices. I definitely recommend visiting your local stand before it sells out.

Do any of these catch your eye?
What is your Holy Grail brow product?

Disclaimer: All of the products were sent to me as PR samples. I am under no obligation to mention them on my blog and it does not affect my opinion of the products in any way.
No affiliate links were used.


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