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Essence Spring Summer 2016 Releases

Essence Spring Summer Releases

One of my favourite things about Essence as a brand – besides the prices – is the fact that they have so many new releases. Pretty much every time I stop by an Essence stand, I’m greeted with an array of new products so I never get bored. There’s nothing worse than browsing a makeup stand to find you’ve seen everything before. I was bowled over with this goodie bag that landed on my doorstep chock full of new Spring/Summer releases from the brand – and this isn’t even all of them! This is going to be a long post so get ready and grab a pen and paper for your shopping list.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Concealers

Essence have a lot of new skin releases for Spring/Summer so first up I wanted to share with you my thoughts on their newest concealers. Other releases that I didn’t receive to show you are an oil-free foundation, oil-free high coverage concealer, makeup sponges and a makeup fixing spray which – for €3.80 – I am dying to try and pit against my beloved NYX and Urban Decay versions!

Essence Spring Summer Releases Concealers Palette

My first thought when I opened the Essence All I Need Concealer Palette (€4.40) is how similar it is to one of my first ever makeup products – a five concealer/corrector palette from Make Up For Ever. These palettes are a makeup artist essential but it used to only be the bigger, more prestigious brands that made them. I love when products filter down to more inexpensive brands!

The palette is only available in one colour option which is 10 Cover It All and I feel like that is its biggest weakness – it will not suit everybody. In fact, when I first saw it, I thought it wouldn’t match my skin tone although surprisingly, it applied much lighter than it looks. I applied these using my finger and on first dip, thought that they felt quite waxy which made me worry about them going thick and cakey around the eye area. I needn’t have worried because as they made contact with my warm skin, they turned creamier and blended in seamlessly.

Essence All I Need Concealer Palette 10 Cover It All Swatch

In this photo, I applied the pink tone under my eye to brighten and the yellow tone in the tear duct to really get rid of that darkness. Usually with colour correctors you need to apply a concealer on top to match your skin tone but these both buffed in seamlessly. What that says for them as correctors probably isn’t great but these are creamy, high coverage concealers that impressed me more than I expected them to. As with practically all multicolour skin palettes like this, not every colour may suit you but for the pricepoint, if you are new to the world of colour correcting or just fancy trying something more hardcore on your problem areas, I really don’t think you can go wrong with this palette.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Concealers Mousse

Their other new concealer release is the Essence Soft Touch Mousse Concealer (€3.80) which seriously intrigued me. It is available in two colourways; 10 Soft Beige and 20 Soft Sand. I received the lighter of the two but I still worried about it being too dark for me. I have never been labelled ‘beige’in my life – I am usually a porcelain or ivory girl.

This was one of the first products I tried out because I really wondered how I would feel about a mousse concealer. I am not a fan of any mousse foundations or eyeshadows I have ever tried so I was hesitant about this too. I used a small stippling brush with this and found that it applied quite streakily – although that could have been the brush in question’s fault. I found this best applied with a finger.

Essence Soft Touch Mousse Concealer 10 Soft Beige Swatch

The mousse texture blends into a very silky feel on the skin and the coverage seriously wowed me. Not only that but the colour seemed to lighten too giving a beautifully bright effect under the eyes. I wanted to try this because I was curious about the strange texture but I did not expect to like this as much as I actually do. This is definitely worth a look although again, the fact that there are only two colour options is very limiting.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Blush

Also in the face line are a plethora of new blush and powder products. I didn’t receive the translucent powder, mosaic blushes or the Shape Your Face Contouring Palette which looks like a dead ringer for the Sleek Face Form Palettes which feature a bronzer, blush and highlight. I did receive two other blush products to try though so read on to find out my thoughts.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Blush Silky Touch

I am a big fan of the Essence Silky Touch Blush line so was excited to receive their newest shade 100 Indian Summer.

Essence Silky Touch Blush 100 Indian Summer Swatch

As the name suggests this has an almost satin finish which leaves skin looking luminous and the colour in question is a beautiful subtle terracotta that will flatter a wide range of skin tones. This is one of my top picks of the bunch!

Essence Spring Summer Releases Blush Ball

A new addition to their blush line is the Essence Blush Ball (€3.80) which is available in two shades; 10 Peach Candy and 30 Cinnamon Candy. I received the peach one which is a gorgeous fresh shade for spring. The idea with these is that you use the dome to apply this directly to your cheeks – although I’m not really sure of the reasoning behind that. It is also incredibly unhygienic. For the sake of the blog post, I decided to try it the way it was intended and was actually startled by how densely pigmented it is. Dabbing this directly on your cheeks will leave you looking like a clown and there is no way you could use the ball itself to blend it in as the pigment it imparts would make you look insane.

Essence Blush Ball 10 Peach Candy Swatch

I applied it with the ball and then used a brush to blend it out but I wasn’t entirely happy with how it turned out as I felt where I touched the ball to my skin remained darker and more intense, no matter how much blending I did. On my second attempt I used a brush and found that it was actually just a lovely blush and didn’t need the ball gimmick at all. If you’re a fan of these blush shades, I’d recommend picking them up but forget the ball part and just view these as pretty and pigmented blushes instead.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Eyes

Eye products are actually something I buy quite infrequently now seeing as I have my holy grail Makeup Geek eyeshadows which I use pretty much daily however Essence have released such a huge range for Spring/Summer that whatever you’re in the market for, I’m sure they have you covered. I have even found a few hidden gems that I wasn’t expecting to like. The lineup includes an eyeshadow base, a new shade of Soft Metal eyeshadow, some new colours in their regular eyeshadow line, dip eyeliners, a waterproof gel pencil liner, smokey kohl liners, liquid ink liners, a new shade of eyeliner pencil, a Rock n Doll mascara, a brow gel and a new shade of eyebrow mascara gel – and they’re just the products I WASN’T sent!

Essence Spring Summer Releases Eyes Pencils

I did receive two of the new Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Liner (€3.50). There are six shades available of which I got 06 She’s Got The Mauve and 03 Light Me Up. There are also a bronze, peach, black and blue available. As the name suggests, they can be used as both eyeshadows and eyeliners.

I am not a fan of eyeshadow pencils in general – that is just personal preference – and I think the pencils are too chubby to create any sort of liner look with, however I did use these on the waterline instead.

Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Liner 03 Light Me Up Swatch

03 Light Me Up is a pretty non-descript light shade which brightens the eye area but adds no real colour. I applied this to my waterline but found it really gathered in my lower lashes and looked cakey there. However, this is not its intended purpose so it can’t really be a critique.

Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Liner 06 She's Got The Mauve

06 Make Me Mauve is not anything like what I would call a mauve. It is more of a purple-toned shimmery taupe which reminds me slightly of Mac’s Satin Taupe eyeshadow. This is a pretty and unusual colour which I think a lot of people will fall for.

These pencils are pigmented and perfect for those who like a minimal effort eyeshadow look. I know many people will love these but as I mentioned, I just rarely gravitate towards pencils myself. Apart from the fact that I really don’t think these can be used as a liner, I can’t fault them!

Essence Spring Summer Releases Eyes Velvets

Another new release are  Essence The Velvets Eyeshadows (€2.50) which come in nine shades of which I was sent 03 Smooth Caramel and 08 Coral Me Maybe… There are also a white, peach, grey, taupe, brown, mauve and blue available so over all there are a lot of wearable neutrals. These have a cute embossed pattern on them.

Essence The Velvets Eyeshadow 03 Smooth Caramel 08 Coral Me Maybe... Swatch

Here I used Smooth Caramel all over the lid and Coral Me Maybe… in the crease. As you can see Smooth Caramel is more of a light nude shade than a caramel and I found it quite pigmented. Coral Me Maybe…was quite disappointing and it took a lot of building to even achieve this level of pay off. I thought the texture of the shadows was nice and do wonder if some of the other shades would be stronger but these were just a bit of a miss for me, based on what I’ve seen.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Eyes Liner

I didn’t expect much from the Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen Waterproof (€3.50) as I am not a fan of eyeliner pens at all usually but this was a surprise success. I was immediately disheartened by the lengthy nib and predicted that there would be no way to achieve a straight line or good flick with it. I was very wrong!

Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen Waterproof Swatch

This is what I managed on my very first attempt with it. It is very black (although with this picture being so close-up and HD, it isn’t doing it justice) and it was actually quite easy to get a grasp of. The day I used this was one of those days when I had a never ending runny eye. My eye leaked for hours and this held up well for a large portion of the day, although by the end it did dissolve at the outer corner where my eye was leaking from. Because of that, I can’t label this the most waterproof liner ever despite its title  although it is a really good pen liner that I would highly recommend trying out.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Eyes Mascara

They have released an entire new mascara line in the form of the Essence Forbidden Volume Mascara (€3.80), Forbidden Volume False Lash Mascara Top Coat (€3.50) and the Forbidden Volume Rebel Mascara (which I didn’t receive). The regular Forbidden Volume mascara promises dramatic volume without clumping and voluminous lashes in one application while the Rebel version is supposed to be a more intense spin on it. The False Lash Top Coat is enriched with black fibers and can be worn over any mascara for an intense, dramatic, false lash effect.

Volume, drama and wow factor is generally what I look for in a mascara so I had high hopes for these. I also liked the spiky bristled wand which also gave me high expectations.

Essence Forbidden Volume Mascara False Lash Top Coat Swatch

The pictures on the left show my lashes with the Forbidden Volume Mascara while the ones on the right showcase the False Lash Top Coat on top. I love the mascara worn alone and it is easily buildable to extreme levels. I found the addition of the Top Coat made my lashes incredibly clumpy and that at one stage, I managed to brush my lashes into three points making it look like I only had three lashes. Something I didn’t notice until I saw the photographs up close was how the little fibers got all over my eyelid too. I ended up using a lash comb to try to relieve the clumping afterwards but I found it simply brushed the fibers out, leaving the entire process completely pointless.

I think the Top Coat is a bit of a miss but I am obsessed with the mascara. I have given up on my Soap & Glory one and have been using this daily. I am also incredibly interested in giving the Rebel version a go too.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Lips

The lip range is where I think people are going to get really excited as I feel Essence are really staying on top of the trends here. They have extended their Longlasting Lipstick range (of which I am a huge fan!) including their Nudes line, added more shades to their lipgloss lines – both the shines and mattes – and created a new shade of lipliner too.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Lips Lipsticks

I received two of the new Essence Longlasting Lipsticks in shades 23 Velvet Matt and 24 Velvet Matt. The regular longlasting line usually have proper names so I thought it was a bit strange that these are only numbered.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick 23 Velvet Matt Swatch

23 Velvet Matt didn’t appeal too much to me in the bullet but on the lips, this is an absolute beaut. It is a gorgeous light pink nude which flatters my fair skin rather than washes it out.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick 23 Velvet Matt Swatch Full Face

This is a beautifully wearable nude that I think will appeal to a lot of people. It is comfortable on the lips and longwearing although I think the matte claims are false as this has quite a satin finish instead.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick 24 Velvet Matt Swatch

24 Velvet Matt looked like a really dark purple berry in the bullet so I was surprised to find it is an intensely bright purple fuschia instead.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick 24 Velvet Matt Swatch Full Face

This colour is incredibly unique but it is also bold so it mightn’t appeal to everybody. I haven’t worn bright pinks since I put red tones in my hair as I think it clashes but this is a colour I have fallen hard for. The Essence Longlasting Lipstick range is one I have loved for a long time so I highly recommend checking it out, even if these exact shades aren’t for you – I’m sure you’ll find some that are!

Essence Spring Summer Releases Lips Sticks

I was really excited to see the Essence Glossy Stick Lip Colour in 04 Poshi Pink and Velvet Stick Matt Lip Colour in 05 Plum Perfect (€2.50). There are five shades of each available and the range is really quite broad so I think there is something for everyone.

Essence Glossy Stick Lip Colour 04 Poshi Pink Swatch

I immediately fell for the idea of the Velvet Stick so didn’t think the Glossy Stick would be for me as I am not really a gloss girl. However, this is more of a satin finish and isn’t too glossy at all.

Essence Glossy Stick Lip Colour 04 Poshi Pink Swatch Full Face

The colour is pretty and wearable. I didn’t fall for it, personally, but I can’t fault it.

Essence Velvet Stick Lip Colour Swatch

Looking at the Velvet Stick packaging, I thought this would be a deep dark wine shade and the idea of that with a matte finish was enough to leave me shaking at the knees. However, on the lips, I was a little disappointed.

Essence Velvet Stick Lip Colour Swatch Full Face

It is more of a dark pink-red which I wore out for an entire day and found faded very quickly without even eating or drinking.

I have never gravitated towards chubby pencil lip products before but these were both easy to apply. I just wasn’t crazy on the formula. It just didn’t last as well as I had hoped – especially the velvet one as it has a matte claim! For the price point, I wouldn’t insist you avoid them like the plague but just bear the wear time in mind if considering picking one up.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Lips Gloss

Spring/Summer also sees the releases of the Essence Glossy Kiss Lipbalm (€1.30) in four shades of which I received 04 Cherry Kiss. I think these little juicy tubes are aimed at a younger age group than mine but for the price, you can’t complain.

Essence Glossy Kiss 04 Cherry Kiss Swatch

I tried to dispense this straight from the tube on to my lips and far too much poured out, creating an incredible mess. I ended up having to remove most of it and use a lip brush to blend out the rest. This is a very thick gloss formula that I just couldn’t get behind.

Essence Glossy Kiss 04 Cherry Kiss Swatch Full Face

This is cherry-scented and has a light pink tint to it. The others in the range are coconut, raspberry and berry. If you like gloss, this is at a great price point but it just doesn’t do anything for me.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Lips Oil

Staying right on trend is the Essence Prettifying Lip Oil (€2.50) which comes in three shades including 02 First Help, Pinky which I received. I know lip oils have been vastly popular since their release but I have only seen much more expensive brands release them thus far.

Essence Prettifying Lip Oil 02 First Help, Pinky Swatch

These are enriched with jojoba oil and said to have a light, non-sticky texture while providing intensive moisture. The colour is so subtle that I wonder if it would be worth while picking up all three shades but the finish is a really pretty sheen.

Essence Prettifying Lip Oil 02 First Help, Pinky Swatch Full Face

I was unsure how I would feel about these as the idea of an oil on my lips isn’t exactly appealing. However, these are lovely. They feel like the lightest, non-sticky lip glosses ever and are so comfortable without being oily or greasy. It is not my type of lip colour but I have found myself applying this on non-makeup days to keep my lips hydrated. These are definitely worth a look, particularly if you are considering splashing out on a spendier one.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Nails

With every release, there is always a tonne of new nail products and this is no different. Unpictured is a shimmery top coat, crushed ice top coat, a green power strengthener, a growth booster and a nail whitener as well as artificial nails, nail polish remover pads and a nail pen.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Nails I Heart Trends

There are two new trend lines; The Metals and The Jellys which are pretty self explanatory.

Essence I Heart Trends The Metals

I received the Essence I Heart Trends The Metals (€2.30) in 34 Turn Up The Volume  – one of six shades. This was a one coat wonder with bold pigmentation and a very shiny, metallic looking finish. I’m not crazy about the colour itself but there is a rose gold available that I am sure will fly off the shelves.

Essence I Heart Trends The Jellies

I also got to play with the Essence I Heart Trends The Jellys in 29 Pink Lagoon of which there are seven shades available. This has a glossy, semi-translucent finish that does resemble jelly although there is no jelly-like texture to the nail after it dries, it is purely aesthetic. The shade is a really summery raspberry pink-red which I really like.

Essence Spring Summer Releases Nails The Gel Nail Polish

I got to try out two new shades of Essence The Gel Nail Polish which I have been a fan of since their release last year. These two colours in question are right up my street as well.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish The Darks

Firstly, this is 58 Need Your Love which is part of a range called The Darks and the most beautiful vampy dark red. One coat is a gorgeous maroon while the second amps it up to full-on vamp levels. I can’t see this coming off my nails for a long time. Screw spring trends!

Essence The Gel Nail Polish 1001 Party Nights

I was also sent 61 1001 Party Nights which is a pretty dark purple. I adore the super glossy finish of these – and they are all photographed without a top coat!

Essence Spring Summer Releases Nails Care

In the more nail care category, I was sent the Essence 2 in 1 Base & Top Coat (€2.50) which is a pretty standard, does-the-job type product. I didn’t bother taking a photograph of it on my nails as it just adds a glossy sheen.

Essence Gummy Touch Top Coat

I was intrigued by this Essence Gummy Touch Top Coat (€2.50) in 31 Bounce Bounce (although there is only one shade available). It claims to have a matt effect and leave the nails looking, well, gummy. After one coat, the difference in finish is apparent. It reminds me of the rubber effect polishes from Illamasqua. It’s a great cheaper alternative and obviously works with any polish you layer it over but it isn’t one for me. I am just not a fan of the texture.

Essence Colour & Care Strengthening Nail Polish

The final product I have to show you is a surprise favourite, it is the Essence Colour & Care Strengthening Nail Polish (€2.50) in 02 I Care For You. There are five shades available in all. I expected this to be a sort of translucent my-nails-but-better colour that was more of a nail care product than a polish in its own right. Obviously, the hint is in the name – it is both a colour and care and I happen to be obsessed with the colour! It is an absolute beauty. It took three coats for full opacity although my nails are damaged from both DIY false nails and salon acrylics so they have a lot of ridges and that that need to be covered. The polish is said to be enriched with natural ingredients to strenghten nails too. I can’t say if it is any good at caring for the nails so far but I recommend picking it up for the colour anyway!

So, phew! That is the lot. My top picks are definitely the vampy red The Gel Nail Polish, that creamy Colour & Care polish, the mousse concealer, either blush, the mascaras and the lip oil. They should all be on stands now!

But tell me, what is that has caught your eye the most?
Is there anything here you’d avoid like the plague?

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were sent to me as PR samples. I am under no obligation to mention them on my blog and it does not affect my opinion of the products in any way.
No affiliate links were used.


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