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NYX Lip Lingerie – Review, Swatches

NYX Lip Lingerie Lipsticks

The NYX Lip Lingerie seemed to arrive unannounced but suddenly every US blogger and YouTuber was waxing lyrical about them. The swatches online made me week at the knees and I hounded PR companies and other Irish bloggers, desperate for a release date. Then one morning I happened to be browsing the Boots website when I saw a banner asking if I wanted to join the waiting list for these babies and the rest is history.

The Lip Lingerie are a range of twelve liquid lipsticks that NYX call ‘weightless’, all in various neutral shades. It was difficult not to buy every single one but I watched  a few swatch videos on YouTube and found a lot of the lighter nude shades looked remarkably similar. To be honest, despite all twelve shades looking beautiful, I found it quite easy to pick a top three to try out.

01 Honeymoon

NYX Lip Lingerie 01 Honeymoon

The first shade I have to show you is 01 Honeymoon which was the one that caught my attention straight away.

NYX Lip Lingerie 01 Honeymoon Lips

It is a cool toned grey-beige and so incredibly beautiful. It is definitely one for fans of Lime Crime’s Cashmere and La Splash’s Ghoulish. I am obsessed.

NYX Lip Lingerie 01 Honeymoon Full Face

This is one of those shades that probably won’t be for everyone but if you are already on that Cashmere-Ghoulish buzz, you need this one to add to your collection. This is my favourite of the three I have.

02 Embellishment

02 Embellishment

The next shade I picked up is 02 Embellishment which is much more universally pleasing. I think this is one of the colours that most people will gravitate towards. It is the only one that is sold out on the NYX website.

NYX Lip Lingerie 02 Embellishment Lips

It is a cool toned mauve-pink. Of the three I have, I think this is the most wearable for every day yet it is still different enough that I don’t think I have a dupe for it in my collection.

NYX Lip Lingerie 02 Embellishment Full Face

I’m not crazy about it paired with the warm toned eye I have in these photos but I didn’t really plan ahead as I was at a wedding the morning I took these pictures. I think this would look incredible with some grey shadows or a really paired back nude eye.

05 Beauty Mark

05 Beauty Mark

The final shade I opted for was 05 Beauty Mark which I think is the darkest of the twelve releases.

NYX Lip Lingerie 05 Beauty Mark Lips

This is a cool-toned brown that doesn’t look quite as dark as you expect it to be when you see it in the tube. I know browns are on trend at the moment and they are sort of a marmite type thing so this will probably divide opinions.

NYX Lip Lingerie 05 Beauty Mark Full Face

I happen to be a huge fan of this and love it as an alternative to a dark red or purple vampy lip. It probably isn’t one I would wear to work but it is a great bold lipstick for evening time.

The applicator wands on these are quite long sponge tips but I find them easy to work with. I wear a lip liner with everything but for the sake of these photos, I went liner-free and had no issues with achieving crisp, clean lines.

The formula is gorgeous too. It is sort of a mousse-like texture that glides over the lips and then dries down within a minute or two. These dry fully matte but aren’t uncomfortable on the lips. They don’t go tight or crumble off and I have worn all three of these for several full days and found the wear time to be wonderful too. Depending on what you eat, you may need to reapply them after food but they reapply lovely and evenly too. I should point out that Embellishment and Beauty Mark weren’t fully opaque on first swipe but it was very easy to apply another layer and build them up.

NYX Lip Lingerie

I can’t fault these at all. I already have my eye on Teddy after a girl I work with wore it in one day. I just wish more of the colours appealed to me as I feel the nudes would wash me out far too much to be of interest. However, if any of the twelve shades appeal to you, I highly recommend picking them up.

They are available on the Boots website for €9.25 each.

Will these be joining your liquid lipstick collection?
Do you have an ultimate liquid lipstick formula?

Disclaimer: No press samples were featured.
No affiliate links were used.


12 thoughts on “NYX Lip Lingerie – Review, Swatches

  1. I picked up Corset the other day and absolutely love the colour. I found it difficult to pick a shade as they look so different on different skin tones, but I think I might have to pick up Embellishment and HoneyMoon! They look stunning on you!


    1. Have a look at swatches online of all twelve shades. I think it’s quite hard to tell what looks nice because they look so different on different skin tones but the formula is so lovely, they’re well worth trying out if you can find a good shade!


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