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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor – Review, Swatches, Photos

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Seduction

There has been quite a buzz around the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors since their release Stateside. As with so many things, it took a while for them to reach our side of the pond but the second I saw them over here, I simply had to have one. You probably already know I am a huge bandwagon jumper liquid lipstick fan and these were getting quite good reviews so I had to compare them to the other lipsticks already in my collection to see if it was love.

First of all, I adore the packaging. They are a really unique flattened shape which makes a change from the regular round tubes of most others. The lid is metallic silver while you can see the colour of the shade through the frosted glass tube. They feel a little weightier than your average plastic and because of that have a more expensive feel to them – amazing for a drugstore brand!

According to the US Revlon website, there are eight shades available. I am not sure how many will be available here as sometimes a shade or two can get lost on the way overseas! They are not on the Boots website yet but there are seven shades on the Superdrug website.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Seduction Wand

The first thing you will most likely notice when opening the tube is the scent. This is overpoweringly strong and most definitely not designed for those who are sensitive to fragrance in a product. According to what I have read online, it is supposed to smell like mango but to me it is a nostril-hair-burning synthetic mango bubblegum scent. I do not like it! Once the product is on your lips for a few minutes, it disappears but while you apply it and wait for it to dry down, it really is strong. You have been warned.

The applicator is an unusual pinched doe foot shape. The design is pretty amazing because it picks up quite a lot of product. I originally thought that it had one of those wells that products collects inside but it is doesn’t. The dip in the applicator simply picks up a lot of lipstick. I haven’t had any issues with too much product leading to a messy application though so I am really in love with the wand design here. I also find it easy to achieve straight lines with and have worn this on several occasions without a lip liner which is no mean feat for me!

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Seduction Lips

Revlon describe these as a lightweight, high definition, velvety matte lip colour with a moisturising velvety feel and a 100% wax free, gel like formula. As you apply it, it feels very silky and creamy. The texture is somewhat like a mousse-cream hybrid that is very comfortable and smooth on the lips. My lips feel incredible with this on; very nourished. However, unlike regular liquid lipsticks, this doesn’t dry down to a matte finish. In fact, I think the entire matte claim on this lipstick is crazy. I thought it may be one of those slow-drying ones but I have worn this for the past three days in a row and it does not dry down. For a while after application you can feel it on your lips when you press them together. There is no tackiness or stickiness, you can just feel the creaminess of the lip colour but after a while that feeling dissipates, making you wonder if there is any product left on your lips at all. I assure you, there is! I adore their staying power!

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Seduction Lip Swatch

I have worn these for two full days at work and while I have reapplied them after eating out of paranoia and to slightly freshen the colour, there was probably no need at all. These have a great wear time. If you do want to reapply them, another layer goes on perfectly with no streakiness or dragging. In fact, last night I topped mine up in the cinema without a mirror and it looked fine.

When I went to purchase mine, these weren’t on the shelves of the Boots I was in but if you ask nicely, you shall receive. These were in those secret drawers under the stand although they only had three colours to choose from at the time. I chose Seduction as it was the only shade that appealed to me. Even looking online at the eight shades released, the selection doesn’t wow me which is a shame because I am hooked on this formula. There seems to be a lot of pinks. If I were to choose another shade, I would probably opt for the darkest purple, Addiction – just for something a little different.

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On me, Seduction is a beautiful peachy nude that doesn’t wash me out. However, online I have seen photos of it on darker skins and it can look like a true nude. It is a great every day wearable colour and because it isn’t too far from my natural lip shade, it wears away evenly and subtley.

Overall, I am really impressed with the formula. It is one of the nicest feeling lip products that I own and isn’t drying in the slightest. The colour is pretty and wearable too. However I would hesitate to put this in a category with my other liquid lipsticks as it doesn’t dry down. I would label this as more of a lip cream. The only other issue I have with it is the scent which I put up with because of the beautiful product! These are definitely worth a look.

I’m not sure of their exact release date but it may be worth asking about them in store. They retail for €12.49 each.

 Will you be looking into these?
Are you a lip cream or liquid lip lover?

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