Makeup Sprays – Reviews, Comparisons

Mac Prep & Prime Fix + Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray NYX Dewy Finish Mist

I am very new to the world of makeup sprays and mists. I once wrote them off, wondering if they could really make a difference to your makeup but more recently, these three sprays have been in regular rotation in my routine. I use each for a different reason so for today’s post I decided to review all three separately and explain why they are definitely worth trying out!

Mac Prep & Prime Fix +

First up is the Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ which I previously reviewed in my post on skin preparation. In case you missed it, where people usually go wrong with this facial spray is that they think it will extend the life of their makeup. This is not a setting spray. It is a refreshing mist – which sounds like a completely bogus title made up to make a quick buck hence why I avoided picking this product up for so long. In actuality, it is infused with vitamins and minerals, green tea which acts as an antioxidant as well as cucumber and chamomile to soothe and refresh the skin.

I like to use this to dampen my Beauty Blender before applying foundation (partly because I am too lazy to go to the bathroom to do it), to spritz on my face for a burst of hydration before applying makeup (it is positively delicious if you have a hangover) and to hydrate my face after makeup application. If you apply too much powder or your foundation is looking a little cakey, this sort of melds everything together, making your skin look fresher. If throughout the day, your face is looking a little worn out, this will freshen you up in an instant.

I was so dubious before I bought this and thought it would be similar to the water sprays I had tried before which simply add a mist of water to your face to cool you down but the spray top of the bottle and the product itself is just so lovely that now I couldn’t imagine myself without it on my dresser.

A 100ml bottle will set you back €21 which seems pricey but I bought mine before Christmas and despite regular use, you can see that I still have more than half of it left. If you aren’t sure but want to try it out, you can pick up a small travel size 30ml for €10. It is available at Brown Thomas or Mac stores.

NYX Dewy Finish Fixing Mist

The next product in my arsenal is the NYX Dewy Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray. This is my newest purchase and despite it being relatively inexpensive, it took me a long time to decide to take the plunge and pick it up. Despite once fearing not having a completely matte base, I have been obsessed with high powered highlights and fresh glowing skin lately and so the name of this instantly appealed to me. This is said to hold your makeup in place while adding a dewy glow to your skin. It is also available in a matte version which I haven’t tried.

This also sprays in a fine mist which doesn’t move your makeup in any way which is always a fear of mine. It dries down within a few seconds and then you can no longer feel it on your skin. I definitely think it adds more of a glow to my skin although nothing terribly dramatic. I contemplated attempting to take photographs of each of these sprays on my face but I really think it would be a waste of time. While this makes my face look fresher, I don’t think the result is dramatic enough that it would show up in a picture.

I also find that my makeup does stay in place for longer when I use this versus going without a setting spray. It doesn’t make me excessively oily or shiny either which I was worried about. While I still need to repowder at lunch time, my makeup doesn’t sink into pores or fine lines as fast as usual. I find myself reaching for this most often out of the three sprays I’m reviewing today – perhaps because it is the newest – or perhaps because it is sort of a combination of the two others in one.

You get 60ml of product for €10 and you can purchase it from Sam McCauley’s or Boots.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

My final mist is the infamous Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray which has earned something of a cult status. I still believed setting sprays were a myth but when I was picking up some Christmas presents at the Urban Decay counter, I told her to throw a travel size of this in so that I could give it a go. Classic impulse buy.

This claims to stop your makeup from melting, cracking, fading or settling into fine lines for up to sixteen hours. It was created in partnership with Skindinavia – another brand famous for their incredible setting sprays – and is said to feature temperature control technology to keep your makeup cooler, preventing it from moving around.

It sounds great but until I tried it for myself, I never believed that it would actually work. It sprays in a fine invisible mist and as it dries, I can feel my skin tightening slightly as if it is locking the makeup in place. The feeling passes quickly though and the only reminder I have of using the spray in the first place is how good my face looks. I thought my makeup lasted quite well before but the difference with this is incredible. I’m not sure about the sixteen hour claim – does anybody’s face look good after sixteen hours?! – but it is only by the end of my working day which would be about ten or eleven hours of wear that my makeup starts to look a little lived in. I don’t use this daily, mainly because I don’t care about having immaculate makeup in work but if I was going on a night out or knew I had an especially long day ahead, this is a no brainer and I wouldn’t hesitate in repurchasing it.

You get a whopping 118ml of product for €30 or the travel size 30ml that I picked up for €12. It is available from Debenhams or House of Fraser.

 Have you tried any facial mists?
Are there any now an integral part of your routine?

Disclaimer: No press samples were featured.
No affiliate links were used.


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